How delicious roast meat in a frying pan: Tips

not always a fish or meat dish served to garnish boiled or stewed.These types of heat treatment often used in dietary nutrition.Therefore, there are many different options on how delicious roast meat or fish in a frying pan.In addition, there are secrets and tricks that can surprise even the discriminating gourmet.In this article you will find a lot of useful ideas to help you quickly and very tasty roast meat in a frying pan.Also, the recipe is given a magic transformation of raw pieces in fine dining. How delicious roast meat in the pan intact medallions


- 2 raw fresh eggs;

- 0,7 kg of fresh, not too fatty pork;

- 1/3 cup fine breadcrumbs;

- 1,5 h. L.salt;

- 1 hour. L.spices;

- vegetable oil.


  1. is best used for cooking fresh pork meat, which is taken from the back of the carcass along the ridge.But it is possible to prepare from any dense with a single piece of bone.Slice the flesh crosswise so that the thickness of the pieces were not very big.
  2. sandwiched between two layers of dense food film and slightly repel kitchen mallet to destroy the fiber is not much.
  3. Rub the meat with spices and sprinkle with salt.Leave the pieces soak for 20-25 minutes.
  4. Beat eggs.They can be a little salt to taste.Dip the pieces first in the prepared mixture and then pour into a bowl of bread crumbs.Immediately lay the workpiece on a hot frying pan and fry on both sides.This method of double breading preserves the juiciness inside and at the same time get an appetizing golden brown.Make sure that the heat was moderate.At low temperatures, let the meat juice and preparing for longer.

There is one more trick, how delicious roast meat in a frying pan.Sprinkle the end of cooking lemon juice or vinegar and bring to a readiness, closing the lid.It is also possible to use a pre-pickling method described below.Then, for the wonderful taste you spend a minimum of time.

How delicious roast meat in the pan quickly?Tips

There are situations when before the scheduled meeting, feast and guests have left less than an hour.But in addition to preparing the main course still need to have time to set the table and take care of other dishes.Therefore it is necessary to know how delicious roast meat slices on the pan fast way.The easiest option - marinating.As a solution to cut pieces you can use vinegar watered wine or lemon juice.Of course, be sure to add in a mixture of different spices and condiments.Then you will just quickly over high heat, boil for some mass, uncovered.First, the meat will release the juice, which is impregnated with fragrant pieces.When boiling liquid in the pan, place butter or fat and bring the dish until golden brown, allowing prizharitsya from all sides.The final touch - the meat, sprinkle with chopped herbs when serving.Fast and beautiful!