The history of development of basketball in the world

Sport basketball game was born in the United States.It was invented in 1891 in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, in the training center of the Christian Youth Association.Young teacher James Naismith, a native of Canada, in order to revitalize the lessons in gymnastics, came up with a completely new game.He took two baskets of fruit without a bottom and attach them to the railing of the balcony.The baskets had to throw a football.Hence it takes its name, this game: ball - ball, basket - a basket.

From that moment began the history of basketball.A year later, Naismith proposed rules, which should take place in the game of basketball.The rules contained 13 items.However, the first match showed that the rules need to be improved and modified.There were many things that hinder the further development of the game.For example, located on the balcony fans can catch the ball flying away and tried to throw it in the basket of the opponent.Therefore, steel basket to close the shields.And in 1893 there was a net hanging on the iron ring.Yet history of basketball has meant that in the US in 1894 had been approved the first official rules and the game itself was so dynamic and interesting that it is now played throughout the world.

From USA basketball entered first in the eastern countries - China, Japan and the Philippines, and after they have in South America and Europe.After 10 years in St. Louis during the Olympic Games athletes from the United States with the help of teams from several cities have organized a demonstration tournament.Later in the Olympics until 1928 basketball was also only indicative.Then, the history of development of basketball has continued with support for its national federations, which were created in various countries, and especially in the United States.That national federations are beginning to organize international tournaments.In 1919 the first international basketball tournament between the army team from the US, France and Italy.

Since 1923, begins the story of the development of basketball among women.This year, the first international women's tournament, which was attended by Team USA, England and Italy.Since the game has been gaining increasing acceptance and popularity in the world, in 1932, formed the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).At first it was composed of only 8 countries - Argentina, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Latvia, Czechoslovakia, Romania.And in 1935 the International Olympic Committee recognized basketball an Olympic sport, and the following year in Berlin, this game came in the Olympic program.The guest of honor of the Olympic basketball tournament was its creator, James Naismith.This tournament was attended by teams from 21 countries.

postseason tournament held in the open air tennis.During the Olympic Games held the first Congress of FIBA, which approved the first international rules.In the future, the history of development of basketball again drew attention to the importance of the rules.Since the early 50-ies of the game began to lose such an interesting acuteness of the struggle, the rules had to introduce a number of important changes to the game has become more active.

history of basketball in Russia begins with 1906, when in St. Petersburg gymnasts sports society "Mayak" created the first team for the game of basketball.And almost before the 1917 revolution, this game was cultivated only in St. Petersburg.The extensive development of basketball in Russia was only in the early 20s, and is considered the first major tournament held in 1923 national championship.In the same year it has been approved and the first official rules.

sports experts believe that in the future, clear priority sports will have a dynamic, complex and beautiful game.There is no doubt that such concerns and basketball games, where the main thing - it is the unpredictability, performance and entertainment.