How to organize a celebration of autumn in the preparatory group of kindergarten?

Kindergarten accepted feast seasons.And it's not only fun, but also an opportunity to more fully and clearly explain to the kids than one season is different and what features it has.At the same time most children are attracted to the organization of the holiday, not propose to see the show from the audience.Do not be surprised if the holiday fall in the preparatory group will require the involvement and parents.

It all starts with the script

has long been written thousands of scenarios children's party, many of which are really good.If you wish, you can always come up with a new one.What is expected of your performance?The narrative will be conducted on behalf of the gifts of autumn - ripe vegetables and fruits, or migratory birds and animals preparing for winter, talk about the approaching cold?You can engage in play and well-known fairy tale characters, and do not forget the queen celebration.Feast of autumn in the preparatory group should not be too long.It is not necessary to offer kids and too complex roles.The text of each actor should consist of just 1-2 sentences.Verbose same characters should fulfill someone from the teachers (better - caretaker of another group), or an invitation to actors.Traditionally, any piece begins with an introduction, a complication of the plot, and the bulk of its ending.Add colors - send a team of participants in search of a magical object or a missing character.If your script is something to teach the kids, even if it is banal "good triumphs over evil," the success of your formulation is guaranteed.

Preparing for the event

It is advisable to start thinking about the gala evening is not less than a month.All you need to do a lot - to prepare the text, allocate roles and decorate the nursery.The script of the fall of the number of characters must be equal to the pupils of the group.If there are more, or less, remember that you can play from someone removed.But come on the scene that day should all kids.Once the roles are distributed, babies should begin to teach the text, and their parents the time to think about the costumes.Buy themed baby clothes can be a store or make your own.Everything depends on the material security and talents of their parents.Do not forget about the costumes for adult actors, and the creation of scenery.As the main decoration you can use painted and real dried leaves.If the scenario involves interaction with some furniture, you need to prepare props.You can draw on large sheets of cardboard doors and windows and put the decorations, if the hero has to "discover someone" or "to look into the street from the house."

Holiday autumn in preschool - the joy of a child

Parents should help their children prepare for the event.The main task of adults - to explain that performance - is especially interesting holiday and play in these actors.A child should not be afraid of what he had something does not work, should be warned in advance that no matter how he acted, the parents they still take pride in and love it.

Still autumn holiday in the preparatory group - is a serious event for each child.Parents should watch for a son or daughter, and to control their mood.We must try to find out the child's suits received a role or not.If your child something not much like it, it makes sense to talk to the teacher about how to change a little celebration of autumn in the preparatory group.For example, ask your child to offer a different role or cut text of his character.