How to make apricot jam with nucleoli?

Apricot jam with nucleoli cooked very quickly.After all, for the creation of such sweet goods need only acquire the necessary fruit and heat process it.To help you become more clear how to prepare this delicious dessert, it will present you the recipe step by step.

Apricot jam with nucleoli: detailed cooking method

desired product:

  • sugar sand - 3 kg;
  • ripe apricots - 2 kg;
  • drinking water - 1 part glass.

Features selecting a main ingredient

Apricot jam with nucleoli get delicious only if its preparation to purchase and soft ripe fruit from the flesh which leaves a good bone.When buying such a product should pay special attention to the fact that the surface of the fruit has been completely bright orange.After all, if apricot is slightly greenish, then he will make a very rough jam with hard and fibrous fruits.Therefore, seller of the product, be sure to ask to share a sweet product in two and show how well the bone moves and whether he has a soft pulp.

The processing of the main ingredient

apricot jam with nucleoli get much tastier than the usual sweet products for the preparation of the nuts which are not used.So we decided to use non-waste production.This requires to take 2 kg of ripe fruit, wash them thoroughly under warm running water and then cut in half and remove pits.This apricots should be spread in a large enamel basin.Next, you need a hammer to split all the removed bone and get delicious nucleoli.After that they need to pour the pulp with sugar and carefully mix a large spoon.

Heat treatment

If you want to make apricot jam with nucleoli quickly, in addition to sugar, you should pour a little drinking water.This is necessary in order to sweet ingredient flowing melted quicker and do not stick to the bottom during the heat treatment.If you take the time to make jams, you should wait 10-12 hours until the apricots do not give the necessary juice.

In any case, a basin filled with fruit, is required to put on low heat and bring to a boil.After this sweet product should still boil 7-11 minutes (stirring constantly), and then pour into hot sterilized jars.Further glass vessel must be filled roll covers and turn them upside down, wrap a blanket tightly and let stand in a position exactly day.During this time, jam jars have cooled off, and they can be transferred in a dark place for storage (in the cellar, freezer, cellar, etc.).

How to bring to the table

delicious apricot jam is completely ready for use the next day after the heat treatment.It should be put in kremanku and present guests with warm toast and hot tea.