Agents of socialization

Before answering the question, who are the agents of socialization, it should deal with the question of what is in itself a phenomenon - the socialization.The origins of this concept goes back to the works of Auguste Comte, although the word was used before him.But that Conte gave the term a truly scientific explanation.As the founder of sociology as a scientific field, he explained the formation of a procedural nature as human beings.That's it from this position you must consider all the institutional and non education, acting in the space of society.

procedural socialization is that it is happening in a social time and social space exploration a person established in the community value systems and criteria of behavior, its patterns and stereotypes, as well as knowledge and skills.All this together helps the person to effectively adapt to the dynamic changes in the social environment, and to perform certain functions in it.

Why is there a category of social time and social space?The answer is that these parameters differ from their counterparts in the physical sense - the time and space.If physical time unidirectionally ravnotekuche irreversibly, while the social can be reversed, it is uneven in its flow.The space of society as distinct from the physical, there is no spatial uniqueness "near-far", "high-low" and so on.With these features and determined approach, in which we can define the concept of "agents of socialization".

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In the simplest representation of those subjects, which help a person to learn the above mentioned values ​​of life.In physical terms, the agents of socialization - a specific people, companies, institutions and environments that determine the nature and content of the process of assimilation of values ​​(or anti-values) of the human society.It should be appreciated that the agents may act as agents that have no physical signs.These are the laws, norms, traditions, that is, that in itself is an object of socialization.So socialization is in a sense a closed character: a person learns something by using the criteria that it contains something.For example, to make a human law-abiding citizen, he must live within the originally regulated by the law of the space.And only then it can absorb the criteria and particular behavior in this space.

socialization This phenomenon is that it is isolated during the primary and secondary stages.

In the primary stage, a person usually learns the base for all the principles and norms of social life and acquire a simple social interaction skills.At this stage the crucial role played by such agents of socialization, as parents, staff of kindergarten teachers, school teachers, the environment of the little man in the street, and others.

At secondary socialization is a further development of the process of socialization, which is characterized by the increasing complexity of the content of digestible values ​​andstandards and the inclusion of a mechanism of social identification and social adaptation.This process has more to do with the development of the individual, the acquisition of socially important human qualities.Here come to the fore, such agents of socialization of the individual, as a training and labor groups, social environment, arising on the basis of common interests, values ​​and other factors.

important distinction between the stages consists in the fact that if the primary stage of socialization occurs mainly through interpersonal contact and institutionalized forms, the secondary stage of its occurrence happens a little differently.There is rapidly increasing the number of non-institutional agents, while often their influence is no less than that of institutional agents.

therefore appropriate to consider, and the difference between them.Typically, agents and institutions of socialization as it factors act together, not always one or the other institution an agent.Institute of socialization is a system of stable, long-term, stable enough in time and space entities in which there is a becoming as human beings.The main institutions that are characteristic for most types of companies, are the Institute of Education, education, social welfare, protection of mother and family, citizenship and other.