Check babysitting and domestic staff

Do you trust the person who spends the most time with your child?Is his nanny friendly as it seems at first sight?The famous detective agency.He gives advice.

existing technical methods to help ensure the safety of your child and detect cases of irresponsible behavior of the person who has taken the responsibility to ensure your child of safety and comfort.Check babysitting can also allay fears and prevent wrong decisions.Most importantly, it should be done proactively before there were not the real reasons for the dismissal of domestic staff.

We will provide you confidence that your child grows and develops without any hassles associated with dishonest nanny. Detective Agency "Alternative» has an extensive database of fraudulent nannies, a kind of "black list", as well as the need to conduct checks and on Russian and international databases.In order not to offend, maybe decent nanny, we proizvedёm test confidentially, so that your worker did not suspect anything.

you may be surprised to lear

n that check babysitting help detect evidence of improper use of your home and property, as well as the facts of theft.To stop the sudden disappearance of your items, we will install hidden surveillance.It officially does not violate personal freedoms and human rights, because the device for surveillance will be installed in your home, besides guaranteed witness theft.

your home should not become a haven for fraudsters - Use a reliable barrier.All recordings from video cameras and listening devices are duplicated and analyzed to ensure the safety of all the information and, very importantly, can then be used as evidence in court.

Secret check babysitting still in employment will protect you from wrong decisions.Checking biography of the applicant, his reliability and medical conditions - because you're not going to engage in a person's home, having hidden mental illness.Beautiful appearance and good first impression may in fact be nothing more than a skillful actor's game, behind which selfish people.

Our detective agency inspects domestic staff at the professional level.We will show you what is really intent on the nanny of your child.