How to stop the guy?

Every woman or girl in your life there are situations where to continue a relationship with a man has no strength.But dare say it is not always easy.How to stop a guy to another without experiencing torments of guilt, to find calm and be ready for a new happy relationship?

Let's look at why there is a desire to stop a man?The reason for the gap is typically lies not in the fact that the image of the prince on a white horse did not coincide with the real hero of the earth.We women are more ready to forgive our elected representatives.

Very often, women do not choose men who they really like.And this is normal, oddly enough.It's hard to admit that you love the "bad" guys.Although the fine line between "bad" and "good" at everyone.For some it's a romantic image of the perpetrator of Robin Hood for someone just a womanizer.But calmer and more secure we feel with balanced men.Exactly up to that time, until it becomes boring.So choose what you need - and the danger of passion or calm and measured stable life.

Sometimes she wants to leave Man, not because she did not like.She just wants to provoke him to other actions and deeds.This specific manipulation.But love, as in war.For example, a woman tends to a close spiritual relationship, and it ignores the choice, distancing.Then the young woman to make a man to make a choice: either go on its terms, or be "irrelevant."How to stop a guy to stay on top and win this game?

This requires a thorough conversation, not a message, not a phone call.If you go to the first break, then you do not cowardly to face.Especially if you avoid personal conversation for the first time, you are likely to find a guy the opportunity to meet with you in an unexpected context.

How to quit Man by SMS?

If circumstances have scattered in different cities, prefer post a call.Be tactful, but firm.SMSka - a symbol of neglect and cowardice.

What to say at the same time?How beautiful to throw the guy?

If your decision to give up once and for all, does not make sense to put a belated claim.Describe your feelings extinguished.If your imaginary gap, and you look forward to continuing, it is advisable to explain the nature of their claims.Thus, you give him hope that is only correct as can still be ...

Best of all - not to agree to any offer of friendship.This is just an excuse to "run" for you.And if it does not want to, then you should just say it firmly.

Sometimes men with an aggressive character can begin to threaten you.Do not be afraid, or at least demonstrate that it is not afraid.It will be crucial.

Some young men may have threatened suicide blackmail.As a rule, do it no one is going.Thus man is simply trying to soften you.Suicide can go to a person with mental problems.What may have been the relationship, everyone is responsible for himself.You're not my mother, and lover.

How to stop the wrong guy:

  • disappear without a trace.Do not answer the phone.Avoid mutual friends.You do not have the courage, you do not want to be "bad" in his own eyes.
  • provoke parting with him.Change it so that he knew about it.This is wrong and short-sighted.If there was a desire to sever relations with you, so you need to be strong to the end.No need to risk being labeled a frivolous person.And it is not, as in the future repercussions.
  • man can provoke scandals, complaints, tantrums.Do not earn a reputation as a bitch and hysterical.Just tell us about the feelings faded.

How to stop a guy to not be excruciatingly painful?Just be sincere!