Ways to Improve Memory

As someone who graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, I know firsthand how important to have a good memory.Do not believe people who say: "I have a bad memory!".This assertion is fundamentally not true: the memory of a person amenable to training.There are a lot of mnemonics that promote memory and prevent age-related memory changes.Some of the ways are quite simple and are known to almost everyone.

  1. associative array.To do this, choose the desired image, number, date suitable association.For example, pen-notebook, chicken egg.
  2. pronunciation of loud (connects sight and hearing) and the letter (vision and hand movements).For example, you can write a list of products, say it out loud and try to buy everything you need, without referring to the list.
  3. Reading books.It stimulates the brain.
  4. solving crossword puzzles, challenges, puzzles.There is also a large variety of games-uprazheneny for the development of memory.

For example, ask someone to call the 10 words and try to repeat them, preferably in the same order.

If you study a foreign language, you will be helpful tips following items:

  • to memorize new words write out each word on a separate card, to the same record all forms of the word, sustained phrases.For example, the word "das Buch" (Book), neuter plural "die Buecher".With a book, you can do that?Buy, select, read, write, view, taking in the library, etc.In his spare time, for example, in a traffic jam, you can view these cards, play them on the memory.
  • to remember everyday words, stick to objects with their leaves inostrannm transfer.Also, these leaves with any new vocabulary can be attached in a conspicuous place that you regularly before your eyes.I do not even realize you watch them, repeating that promotes rapid and lasting memorization.

must not forget that the development of memory - it is a regular, systematic and consistent work that requires patience and concentration.You also need proper nutrition of the brain.Experts recommend to strengthen memory and improve brain activity to take: vitamin E (nuts), zinc (pumpkin seeds), vitamin C (black currant) and eat whole grains, tomatoes and oily fish.

Take care of your memory: to strengthen, train, support, and she will not let you!And no longer do you say, "Do not look at the ceiling, there is no answer!".