What if I'm a fool?

What if I'm a fool?This question is raised by women around the world.It all depends on the situation and their self-esteem.Those who asks: "Why did the Lord God has not given me the mind?"indeed, in most cases inadequate attitude to itself.Maybe blame the stereotypes that are an integral part of our lives.Basically, they come up with the men why women are fools, smart guy and we have to endure their silly words and deeds?A woman who knows her worth and self-esteem has never become paying attention to such ignorant comments.

And that is only the universally prevailing opinion that the blonde fools? People who think so, even though the essence of the problem and asked if would know that among brunettes as much smart as among fair-haired women.Just in our society so accepted, we attack those who are in the minority, or something different from the majority.Blondes - a rare phenomenon, of course we are not talking about those who dyes his hair.One such woman is born ten dark-haired ladies.So before you take offense to such attacks, the blonde who knows her worth, many times think.

general question, what if I'm a fool, belongs to the category of those for which there is no answer.What is striking is that sometimes we say the words, the meaning of which is not fully aware.After all, a fool - this is a collective image, implies a different set of words of similar meaning: stupid, irresponsible, scattered, inattentive, close and so on.The use of these words to himself says only about low self-esteem and lack of self-discipline.

It is important that when you ask yourself, what if I'm a fool, that means you are aware of the existence of some gaps in your behavior and outlook on life.And that's good.After all, the man is completely narrow-minded and stupid simply would not have to worry on that score.Such people are usually the contrary believe in themselves, and in general a serious analysis of the situation is not for them.

Why do you criticize yourself?It is time to think about it, it's much can ruin your life.We have what we think about yourself.Therefore, if you chant the mantra, what if I'm a fool, that in the end people really consider you narrow-minded man who behaves very ridiculous.Such destructive behavior can cause a lot of reasons.Failure to interview for a job, separation from a loved one, forgetfulness, clumsiness or indecision - all of this and not only can cause you to bouts of self-flagellation and self-criticism.In fact, not all realize that people suffering from the same situation or character traits in abundance.But for some reason they do not call themselves fools.They just love yourself for dignity and not blamed for defects.

Another thing, if you made about yourself such a conclusion, based on the opinion of people around you.If you are told that you are stupid, it does not mean that it is.Man express such an opinion, can pursue different goals, until the elevation itself on your background.So if you hear such hurtful words from a loved one, it is, of course, totally unacceptable and outrageous.It is really a loving husband or a relative will never tell you these things.

The main thing you need to do if you are tormented by the question of what to do if I am a fool, stop to think so.Self-assessment is yours, of course, is extremely low, and it is necessary to improve slowly and persistently.You should pay more attention to their positive traits and personality traits.You should not have to imagine such a self-critical.Everyone has its drawbacks, and should treat them appropriately and thoughtfully.