Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid the girls on the first date

Hello!Do you know how many dangers lurking on your first date?I'm not talking about the disheveled hair and a broken heel!

I'll talk about those innocent (in our, female, gaze) errors that I found, you can alienate a man of dreams.How do I know about them?It's very simple: I just watched the heroes of the reality show "American bride" on TV Friday !, which we shoot in Miami right now.So there you go!

1.Ty behave unnaturally

before rendezvous of concern to all - both men and women.And, of course, we all want to show themselves better than we really are.But some girls, for some reason unknown to me for some reason frantically invent even a certain image."I will be a mysterious and silent, and then he just interested in me."Or, "I'll be a fun flirtatious that he did not realize that I now have a difficult period in my life."Remember - false felt immediately, so the best thing you can do on a first date - be yourself!

2.Ty talk too much

Be natural - do not mean to be a "soul to plow."If you do not know what to fill the arisen pause, Head of the conversation on general topics, do not fear to tell the whole story of his life.If you start talking incessantly, a man may feel tired and unnecessary.

not forget interested in his opinions, hobbies, life views.At the other extreme, when you are silent, like a fish.Stiffness on the first date may irrevocably ruin the whole evening!Your man just gets tired of trying to entertain you, suggesting topics for conversation and it is unlikely you will receive an invitation to a second date.

3.Ty much late

Of course, the first to come to the meeting should be a man, and nothing else.But your being late should make modest 5-10 minutes, no more!Do you think the expectation stimulates gentleman?Not at all.Within five minutes of waiting, a normal man gets angry and more likely to glance at the clock.Half an hour later, he could easily get away at all, bear this in mind!And if you understand that much late, be sure to warn him, it will reduce the degree of boiling.

4.Ty're being too available

When a man very much, so much I want to wake up with him every morning!It does not matter that this is only the first tete-a-tete, you're head over heels in love.Sogalshatsya to have sex on the first date or not - a private matter of each girl.Still, bear in mind that the ability to develop relationships - is an art and you need to do this so that men always remained of interest to you and feeling "nezavoevannosti you."Your attitude should be similar to the game, then they will be really interesting man.

5.Ty behaving too aggressively

After returning from a meeting of our party to show "American bride" admitted that she spooked him with their persistence.Like it or not, men still prefer to take the initiative themselves.And if the first date comes to an end, and he still did not try to hold you, I do not rush myself to reach for him with open arms.Better thank your man for the great time, enigmatic smile and depart flying gait.Let him talk about the next meeting.Let him slightly afraid that you will leave and not come back.End of first date - a special moment.And here it is not necessary to take the initiative in their hands.Let a man be a man!