How to profitably make a purchase wheels R16 at Ford?

Buying a car drives on the Ford brand to anyone, even the most experienced motorist vy practical tips that will help contain this material.Invision are essential for the proper functioning and performance of any car.The right choice when buying a Ford wheels R16 you get extra bonuses in design and performance characteristics of your car.

Beautiful and new Invision, just decorate the appearance of your "iron horse", as the man skillfully matched shoes.If you want to buy IPB which would make the necessary flavor to the design of the car and thus ensures that maximum loads, the Invision Ford is the perfect choice.The process of interaction of a vehicle and the road surface area of ​​almost 100 percent dependent on correct operation of drive.Irregularity of the road is due to the proper functioning of wheels and pneumatic shiny.Esli you want to ensure tasks such as fuel economy, safety in the operation, the purchase discs for Ford to help solve them.There are some types of IPB as steel and legkosplavnye.R

azlichiyutsya are based on the technology of construction and method of production.Designed for use in various models and brands of cars.

Alloy wheels on a car are divided into: cast and forged.Production technologies using different forging or casting.It is incomparable advantages include: excellent design, smooth running, high security and long service life, and its suspension components.The negative effect of vibrations that occur when driving on a difficult section of the road is practically not possible.Discs made of various light alloys can be divided into wrought and litye.Avtodiski that manufactured by forging technology, very strong, but very expensive.Cast drive only through long-term work gets microcracks.Steel wheels on the Ford factory made of steel sheet even when the implementation of the original equipment.Bonuses steel Invision: low cost and easy repair process.Cons steel car that will occur in their processes, which lead to erosion, considerable weight and ordinary design.

Any motorist from eDiscovery model alloy wheels to Ford for a particular model of your car starts to get lost and ask a lot of questions like: What is the subject of special attention when buying wheels R16 Ford ?, on how to ensure the originality of the product, etc.

is very important to carefully examine the labeling.Marking gives us information such as the level of static load, tiporazmerf, radiographic inspection.heat number, etc.