Versace: Women's Strength and weakness in the collection autumn-winter 2011

Italy - the birthplace of many famous fashion designers and artists.The birth of many great masterpieces such as "La Gioconda" Da Vinci or the "Sistine Madonna" by Raphael, the art world is obliged to this sunny country.Italy- birthplace of famous fashion designers, whose names are known to any fan of fashion and stylish clothes. Italian clothing distinguished by its high quality and impeccable elegance.Italian style of dress suggests refined luxury combined with a sense of proportion.Strict lines, rich fabrics, accessories least, restrained colors - Italian style of dress has become synonymous with good taste.

Versace - one of the most famous Italian fashion house clothes.Its founder, Gianni Versace, began his career in Milan, with the creation of his own company, the purpose of which was the stylish clothes.This was preceded by many years of work in a small company of his mother, where Gianni learned the secrets of sewing skill.The first boutique of its own brand Versace has opened 34 in Milan.That there was a demonstration of the first major collection of clothes Versace, after which began the ascent brilliant Gianni Versace fashion Olympus.

Today, the fashion house Versace - one of the most prosperous and successful in the world.Show entire Versace collection fashion community is looking forward to, because this is where great ideas are born, which have a strong influence on the fashion world.Versace fashion house under the direction of sister of the great fashion designer Donatella Versace produces several lines of Italian fashion clothing, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, high-end.Fashionable clothing Versace has its own characteristics - the desire for luxury combined with elegance, refined sexuality, the contrast of black and white, the use of elements of oriental themes.

next Versace collection in 2011 demonstrated all the features of a luxury Italian style.In the autumn-winter collection fashion house Versace is very strong military theme.The main idea of ​​the collection - tightly buttoned into large metal buttons strict cut coat with the collar turned up.Stressed shoulders, total black, austere silhouette - signs of military uniforms in the style of Versace.Woman in jacket makes a strong enough impression, however, the main purpose of the creator of the collection Donatella Versace - to show the world that even a fragile girl can find a lot of power at the right time.As you know, the Italian Military style clothing looks good on the female figure only if it emphasizes sexuality and femininity.Incredibly juicy detail - open from Cape tightly closed militaristic black knee-high boot with shiny buckles.The combination of internal forces on the verge of a warlike spirit and the vulnerability of the female nature - the leitmotif of the collection Donatella Versace.Little Black Dress Versace 2011 - a combination of strict tailoring and finishing in a military style total black and coarse contrast detail - ornament in the shape of a tulip.

Contrast aggressive force and sensual weakness is reflected in a combination of different textures: a leather top and suede boots with open toe, red velvet, combined with textile boots, fringe and feathers in finishing kipelno white evening dress.

The new Versace collection, you can find the details of a mandatory presence in the fashion autumn and winter wardrobe this year.Already now we can look for an opportunity to buy Italian clothing , relevant trends of the season.And an important component of the new wardrobe will be a fur collar collar instead podnadoevshih scarves and Palatine, as part of a large tulip appliqué on the dress, suede or textile boots laced up to the knee and open cape.

sexual aggression or touching vulnerability - an attempt to answer the question, what is the main strength of women, Donatella Versace, probably failed.But the autumn-winter collection - a success by 100 percent.