How to cook a delicious steak from pork?

filet of pork can be done in different ways.Cook them in a pan or in the oven from a single piece of meat or chopped, with the addition of additional ingredients or with nothing.Today we present you all the options for this dish.

classic recipe for steak pork

If you do not have time to invent different ways to prepare delicious pork, then offer to make a quick and juicy steak.For him, we need only the following components:

  • pork pitted with a thin layer of fat - about 2 kg;
  • fine iodized salt - used to taste;
  • crushed black pepper - to taste use;
  • any vegetable oil - for frying products.

Preparing meat product

As you can see, the recipe pork steak does not require a large amount of ingredients.You should only buy the right piece of meat without bones.Desirably, it had a thin layer of fat.

Thus, pork needed a good wash and then cut off all the unwanted elements and chop into slices 1.7 centimeters thick.It is necessary to ensure that all products were approximately the same size and circular shape.

Processing meat product

filet of pork - this is purely masculine dish that quickly saturates the body and gives a lot of strength.After the meat product to be prepared, all products must recapture both sides using the ribbed hammer.This is to ensure that damaged fiber ingredient, so lunch will be more juicy and tender.

Finally, all broken-off pieces of meat should be thoroughly and season with salt and pepper, then leave aside for a while.

frying on the stove

Classic pork steaks are prepared only at the plate.To do this takes a large cast-iron pan and put on high heat.Then in a bowl poured vegetable oil and a good warming up.

Once the fat starts to boil, it is necessary to omit one of the products and quickly fry it on both sides.This is required to ensure that the dish turned out more juicy and tender.When both sides of the steak is well browned, the fire should be eased and further heat treatment of meat for some time.The entire thickness of the meat product must be fully prepared.

properly served at the table

filet of pork ready to be served with any side dish.So, it is often portrayed, along with potatoes (mashed potatoes), pasta, fresh vegetables, herbs and so on.

How to cook steak chopped pork?

Now you know the classic version of cooking pork steak.However, some fans of hearty prefer to do it from the ground meat.It should be noted that such a product is much better absorbed by the body.For its preparation we need:

  • pitted pork and fat - about 2 kg;
  • fine iodized salt - used to taste;
  • sweet onion - 2 large heads;
  • large egg - 1 pc .;
  • crumb of bread soaked milk - a few cams;
  • crushed black pepper - to taste use;
  • any vegetable oil - for frying products.


minced steak (chopped) pork preparing a little longer than the one that is done with the use of a single piece of meat.This fact is due to the fact that its establishment is required in advance knead minced, and then create the product and fry them in a pan.

So how to cook a steak from pork?For this purpose a meat product should be thoroughly washed, cut off the unwanted elements and then chop into large pieces and run them through a meat grinder.In exactly the same way to be processed and sweet onions.Thereafter, both components are needed to lay out in a bowl, the egg break them, add pepper, salt and the crumb of bread soaked in milk.Mix all the products hands, you should get a uniform fragrant stuffing.

process of forming

pork steak with egg formed quite easily.It is recommended to use a special round bowl form.In its absence, you can take an ordinary polyethylene cover intended for glass jars.It is required to put a certain amount of meat, and then gently pull out without harming the resulting form.If desired, the resulting meat bitochek can roll in wheat flour or bread crumbs.

Fry in a pan

After all the products of minced meat to be formed, should proceed immediately to their roasting.To do this, you need a frying pan heat the vegetable oil and then put meat balls.Fry them in the recommended maximum heat until both sides of redness.It is necessary to ensure that in the thickness of the steak is left uncooked blood.

How to serve for dinner?

Now you know how to fry hamburger pork in a frying pan.Once all items are ready, they must be removed and placed on a common plate.Serve this dish is recommended to guests with a garnish, fresh vegetables or herbs.Also hamburger is often used to form a delicious and hearty burgers.

Make a steak in the oven

Filet of pork in the oven turns out the same delicious, like a frying pan.But he was left to school, it is still recommended to fry in oil.How is the preparation of this dish, we will tell you right now.

So, we need:

  • pork pitted with a thin layer of fat - about 2 kg;
  • fine iodized salt - used to taste;
  • crushed black pepper - to taste use;
  • any vegetable oil - for frying products.

Preparation products

Before you bake the meat product in the oven, it should be treated in exactly the same way as described in the first recipe.To do this, wash the pork, it is removed from all the unnecessary elements, and then cut into pieces and beat off the culinary hammer.Next, the meat product pepper, salt and left at room temperature for several hours.

process of frying in a pan and bake in the oven

After the meat product absorbs all the spices, it should be fried in a pan.To do this, a large number of dishes infused oils and strongly heated.Cook pork on the plate should be very fast, in a matter of seconds.This is to ensure that the meat is not dried up later, he left school and not "shrunk".

fry pork, it requires carefully remove from the oil and place on a baking sheet.In this form, practically finished product should be placed in the oven and bake it at 210 degrees for 20-27 minutes.

Serve for dinner

steak cooked in the oven, you should bring to the table, along with greens, ketchup and bread.If there is a desire to make the dish can be separately and a side dish.

Make hamburger in the oven

If you want to make a delicious full meal in the oven, we recommend that you cook hamburger and bake it together with tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese.For this we need:

  • pitted pork and fat - about 2 kg;
  • fine iodized salt - used to taste;
  • sweet onion - 2 large heads;
  • large egg - 1 pc .;
  • crumb of bread soaked milk - a few cams;
  • crushed black pepper - to taste use;
  • any vegetable oil - for greasing the pan;
  • cheese slices - a few pieces .;
  • fresh tomatoes - 2 vegetables;
  • pickles - a few pieces.

Making minced

How to cook pork steak with tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese?The answer to this question you get right now.

To begin to make ground beef.To do this, the pork chop in a meat grinder, and then add to it chopped onion, egg, pepper, salt and soaked in milk bread crumbs.

Handle vegetables

to have turned out very tasty and beautiful dish, to properly chop all the prepared vegetables.To do this, wash the cucumbers and tomatoes, then chop them into thin slices.

The formation of dishes

are formed hamburger pretty easy.To do this, fill a plastic cover with minced meat and then gently get bitochek obtained and place it on a baking sheet, greased.Once all the items are ready, they should turn to cover the first slices of pickled cucumbers, and then - tomatoes.At the end of all the steaks need to put a slice of cheese.

heat treatment process

Forming a dish, it is required immediately to put in the oven.This cabinet must be heated to a temperature of 210 degrees.Cooking meat chops with vegetables and cheese is recommended for half an hour (can be a little longer).During this time, stuffing is completely cooked and covered with a delicious cheese cap.

properly serve guests

hamburger, baked with vegetables and cheese, should be presented to the dinner as a full meal.If you want, you can put one portion between the halves of buns, thus forming a delicious and hearty burger.Enjoy your meal!