How to cook a chicken kebab on skewers in the oven?

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Perhaps many of our compatriots are amateurs such dishes as barbecue.In addition to pork and lamb we are happy we eat marinated, skewered on a stick and fried chicken.But what if you want to treat yourself to this dish, but go to the cottage or the nature there is no way but to go to a cafe or a restaurant you do not want?There is a solution - cook a chicken kebab on skewers in the oven!This dish always comes to the table and are sure to impress you or your household and guests.Here are some options for the preparation of this yummy.

Recipe: Chicken kebabs on skewers with vegetables

This dish can be called a diet, so it is ideal for those who are trying to watch her figure.To prepare the chicken kebab on skewers in the oven for this recipe, for a start you need to prepare the following products: 300 grams of chicken breast, 350 grams of frozen or fresh vegetables to your taste, sweet peppers - two or three things, salt and pepper to taste.We also need the marinade, we will prepare the following ingredients: 100 ml of yogurt, a couple of cloves of garlic, a little onion, mustard beans - a teaspoon of French mustard - half teaspoon sweet paprika, turmeric, curry, chili and salt totaste.

cooking process

Chicken thoroughly washed, were dried, cut into large cubes and add up in a deep bowl.There also are adding passed through a press garlic, chopped onion half rings, yogurt, salt and spices.Gently mixed and allowed to marinate at room temperature for one hour.Then cover with a dish with a lid or cling film, and send in the refrigerator for a few hours: it is best to marinate the meat in the evening.

Soak skewers for half an hour in cold water, so they do not burn.If you use frozen vegetables, then put them on the plate and give a little thawed.If fresh - then wash them and cut into medium size pieces.Sweet peppers are cleaned, washed and cut into large squares.Retrieve the marinated meat.Pushed onto skewers alternating pieces of chicken fillet and sweet pepper.Ingredients should fit snugly together.Raskalivaem grill and cook for a few minutes on each side kebabs.While the meat is on the grill, prepare a baking dish.To do this, lay in her vegetables, sweet pepper and, if necessary, salt and spices.On top we put grilled skewers with chicken and peppers.Cover with foil form and send in a preheated 180 degree oven for 25-30 minutes.In just a few minutes until cooked remove the foil on the meat to form a golden brown.Delicious and fragrant chicken kebab on skewers in the oven is ready!While the dish is not cooled, we serve it on the table and enjoy!Bon Appetit!

simple recipe for grilled chicken in the oven

This dish is very simple to prepare, but the taste will impress any of your guests or family members.It is perfect for both everyday meals and for holidays and special occasions.


If you decide to cook at home skewers of chicken, you need the following products: chicken breast - five pieces, lemon, a couple of bulbs of medium size, salt, spices and vegetable oil to taste.Also do not forget about themselves and wooden skewers.For a given amount of ingredients they need about 20 units.

cooking process

Chicken breasts are exempt from the skin, wash and obsushivayut.The meat is then cut into small pieces and shift them in a deep bowl.Finely chop and shred lemon peel with on a coarse grater.Combine all the ingredients, which then add spices, salt and vegetable oil.Thoroughly mix and leave to marinate for at least 2-3 hours.By the way, you can marinate meat in advance: in the refrigerator, it can be stored for more than a day.

strung the meat on skewers, which are evenly spread on a baking sheet or grid.The oven heats up to 200 degrees and goes to her chicken for 20-25 minutes.During cooking, turn the skewers do not.

Please note that there is no need to wait until the meat is browned, as in this case, you risk it retain moisture.After enduring skewers in the oven due time, remove them.White chicken meat marinated in a similar way, cooked very quickly and not too light as the barbecue, which is roasted on the grill.

delicious chicken kebab on skewers cooked in the oven, it is best bring to the table hot.It is great to be combined with a variety of dishes, especially with fresh vegetables.Bon Appetit!