Knit toys crochet

Lately, especially popular among young mothers began to gain crochet toys.This way you can create a truly unique masterpieces that will appeal to any young child.They are bright, beautiful, soft, safe.Especially popular crochet toys resembling heroes favorite cartoon.All, without exception, the kids enjoy playing with miniature Smeshariki, dolls, bunny.

Many mothers become favorite heroes as confident that you do exactly the same toy for your baby, they can not.And in vain!It is only at first glance it seems that you want to do a really great job to make sure the same Kopatycha or Dragon.If the mother is familiar with the basics of this type of craft, then no problems will be able to cope with this task.Because it will not be particularly difficult to make toys hook as described is written in detail and it is clear even for novice needlewoman.

It always provides not only the sequence vyvyazyvaniya series, but also clarifies some yarn must be purchased and in what amount.It should certainly pay attention to the number of hooks.On this will depend directly on the density and size of the future knit toys.

If the hook is too thick, then it is likely that in the future the filler will shine through.This toy will not only have a very aesthetically pleasing, but also can be unsafe for a child.It may be that in the course of the game will pull out the filler and possibly even eaten.To avoid this, it is necessary to do the job with a hook to the same number that is specified in the description.This will ensure the optimum density of knitting.In this way, the result will be obtained crochet toys, repeats the appearance of the sample.

Having prepared the necessary tools, you can start to work.To do this, you must first carefully read the description.In particular, you should pay close attention to the sequence of knitting crochet toys.Most often initially made all necessary elements.Vyvyazyvayut torso, legs, arms, unless of course they are.Then made false pieces which include the eyes, ears.You can then proceed to the assembly by stitching together the constituent elements.By the final figure is then sewn onto the remaining parts.

It is worth noting that, as a rule, torso or head, with three-dimensional shape, stuffed filled directly in the manufacturing process, rather than after.Therefore, linking the two-thirds, you can begin to give the necessary contours toy.

As you can see, to make toys crochet is easy.One has only to try once - and be sure to succeed!Who knows, maybe after vyvyazyvaniya first hero for your child, this activity is a favorite hobby of young mothers, which over time will begin to generate even quite significant income!Indeed, many tend to buy for their children are interesting toys.