Why buy property in the suburbs?

not focusing on the fact of any specific property in question can be answered for sure: outside Moscow real estate - this is a great investment!With far more intelligible value than "vnutrimkadskaya" real estate near Moscow guaranteed and constantly increasing in price.

The reason - the rapid growth of capital.Moscow threatens to soon turn into an analogue of Tokyo or Mexico City, and the President's initiative to withdraw many of the administration in the countryside area - only a confirmation of steadiness of the process.

However, the larger the city, the higher the demand for suburban, suburban housing.That is why so quickly grow cottage villages near Moscow.Breathtaking pace of life in the capital forced Muscovites to use every free day to travel outside smoky forever and ever bustling city.And multi-day celebration included in the tradition of recent years, and is a good supplement to regular vacation and all are required to be carried out "in nature."In winter - New Year in Moscow, in the summe

r ... Yes, the summer is possible to live outside the city, arriving in Moscow for a job.

Many Muscovites reasonably believe: to buy a house in the cottage - it means to condemn oneself to the same congestion, so bored in the city!It should be noted, however, that the difference is still there ...

Firstly, cottage settlement - is the clean fresh air and the possibility of one minute (well, five minutes) to leave the village in order to be close to nature.Second, call the crowding a few dozen families who is visiting (or living) in an area of ​​several dozen hectares - is unfair.Third, the possible noise from a neighbor's protracted feast is never just as onerous as the incessant hum of the car - especially if you turn out to be among the invited guests to the table.

Do not believe me?Come to Moscow for the new year, and you will see the uselessness of doubt.Housing estates are large enough to accept and those liking high jinks, and those who like peace and tranquility.

purchasing a house in one of cottage villages near Moscow, and you make a convenient and profitable acquisition.A few years that separate you from the moment of profitable sales of real estate, you can be an active user of all the benefits provided by the project of cottage settlement.

And who knows, maybe you'll decide to leave it in the purchase of their property forever ...