Paul Adikaev "all the negative thing of the past, on only good."

In his 33 years Paul Adikaev is one of the most prominent businessmen Moskovsky - developers.Behind Paul's long and fruitful work in the construction giant Mirax Group, for which, according to some, Paul has earned nearly a billion dollars, he stood at the very beginning.After the onset of the mortgage crisis in 2008, as a result of disagreements with partners, Paul decided to leave.And, according to a businessman, this decision was not easy and morally difficult, but had no choice.

Three years later, Paul Adikaev founded his own company Intensive Development Group (IDG), which successfully cooperates and represents the interests of German corporation design OWPlan Group in Moscow.We met up with Paul in the office on Kutuzov to talk a little bit about his plans for the future and get some comments on the situation around the Mirax Group.

- Hello, Paul.Hence the decision to leave the MG in the 2008th was right?

- Hello.I would not put the question that way.When difficulties came in 2008, the questi

on of personal gain was far from being in the first place.All, including Sergei Polonsky and Roman Trotsenko, understand that we are talking about saving the company.Let's just say, differences emerged on the stage of finding a solution to break the deadlock.We had to pay for the debts, to finish the construction of facilities, and we are caught between two fires: the banks and clients.

- What has been the subject of controversy?You have different views on the situation?

- Yes, Polonsky, who was influenced by the CFO Lutsenko decided to settle with the banks first.I suggested to "unload" the situation by separating the parent company of the subsidiaries, because it was tied to loans and all documentation, including the largest - in front of Credit Suisse.If that happened, we would be able to continue functioning as a full-fledged company, but would have lost a large part of the business.

- and certainly would not have left their clients?

- Exactly.This is the point.I am a customer-oriented, business decision to exit from the situation, through the speaker.At first the people and then the banks.So, we have at least remained in the accounts of funds and maintain your reputation.You know, among our clients there were many people I know personally, and I do not know, as we now look into their eyes.

- Sergei Polonsky decided then to settle with the banks, and on this there was the final quarrel?Now, if I'm not mistaken, Mirax Group is bankrupt?

- Yes, I'm at this stage could not continue to stay in the company, it was obvious that the situation is at a deadlock, it was necessary radical change of course, but everything was as it became.Now MG, seem to be bankrupt.The total amount of debt owed to creditors and customers of approximately $ 1.5 billion., And in front of an endless series of trials.

- What percentage of your business?You're also are shareholders of Mirax?

- My share of the 3% - it is, nothing.I sold it and left the shareholders.Much more money was tied to my assets in other projects - this is, in many ways, from 30% to 50%.And here I was completely empty.Polonsky did not pay anything.But, as I said, if self-interest has been in the background, because I believed with all my heart that we will be able to get out.And now is hope, because it is impossible to remain indifferent to what spent 9 years of life.I was one of those who stood at the origins of the company.

- Well, it's all in the past.Now you have your own business, own company.Tell us about it.

- I now have a lot of experience, we can say that experienced impression even made stronger.I decided - 36 years is not the age to retire.We must continue to develop.Now my company Intensive Development Group provides brokerage services to the German OWPlan Group in designing the "House of the Government."In addition, I am developing a network of three-star hotels in the center of Moscow, where I will be co-owner.In general, all the negative thing of the past and for me, Paul Adikaeva more good things.

- How do your projects in Kiev?

- In Kiev, in addition to the Mirax Plaza (46 floors) is the project of residential complex on the 200 sq. M.m. However, for these projects is difficult to say yes.I do not like to get ahead of ourselves.

- Thank you, Paul Failevich total success.

- And thank you.Bye.

Svetlana Naumkin.The magazine "Companion".