Theory of Gravity spherical wave

Summary Article: theory Chγ and thrusters on the new physical principle - cumulation vacuum cavitation and converging spherical waves , http: //bajandin/

1.Priroda light emission of electromagnetic waves is presented in this paper based on the ethereal concept of vacuum, the so-called physical vacuum.

2.Kvanty electromagnetic field not particles , "thrown out" of the light source with the same initial momentum p = h / λe / m and constant velocity c = const.The quanta of the electromagnetic field generated by a radiation source through the movement of charged particles (electrons) in metal radiators and - emerging from the vacuum by means of his "excitement" activation energy are interrelated formation of the outer shell and the inner electromagnetic gravitational plane.Photons do not "fly" in the space, and occur in a vacuum by electromagnetic induction in the direction of the rectilinear layout of gravitational plane circles (hexagonal shapes with sequentially decreasing radius in the "dense pack" in a straight line, forming long gravitational transmission line - LLA) polarized space.

3.Priderzhivayas idea of ​​"aging" rays of electromagnetic energy (photons) as they move in space, based on the energy processes in the paper the other mechanism " aging ", based on energy interaction of gravity and electromagnetic field. Across the matter, the order of the Planck length (~ 10-34 m) constant known interactions tend to a numerical value, and the energy of the electromagnetic and gravitational interactions become the maximum value: Ee / m, max = Egr.max.

4.Postoyanstvo value of the propagation velocity of the photon vacuum obliged vacuum parameters: permittivity of free space ε0 and permeability μ0 and the so-calledthe characteristic impedance of vacuum:

ρ = 120π (ohms)

5. The movement of the photon in space can be quite rough, imagine a "running lights" on New Year tree.The difference lies in the fact that due to the electromagnetic induction in the superconductive circuits gravitational plane - as a photon - to overflow from one discrete location to another.Photon energy is thus spent on the mutual operation and therefore decreases, as the induction time increases continuously in accordance with the formula: Ee / m ∙ tind = h = const.Accordingly, increasing the wavelength of a photon: Ee / m ∙ λe / m = hc = const.

6. Time electromagnetic induction increases with each discrete photon transition to a distance Δλi = λ0, while also increasing the wavelength of a photon by an amount that corresponds to the constancy of the speed of light (with ε0 = const and μ0 = const)


7. In this paper we used a new method of analysis basic equations known interactions based on the comparison expressions given to a single mind: α (t) ω (l) = const, ie,space - time representation, where the constants are the squares of the quantum - mechanical, gravitational and electric charges.

8.Ispolzovanie the above method will bring the basic parameters of the Lorentz - invariant vacuum from a comparison of the squares of the quantum - mechanical, gravitational and electric charge, as opposed to large-scale empirical units, proposed by Planck.

9. The proposed new method of analyzing the fundamental equations of physics allowed to understand the physical meaning of conservation laws as laws based on the control of feedback opposites.This principle is linked electromagnetic and gravitational waves:

λe / mλgr = λ02

10. In contrast to the modern concepts, gravity obtained in this study in the form of two-dimensional formation - a plane in the form of a circle.The gravitational force inside quanta always constant and equal to F0, c = c4 / γ.

It is this force is responsible for the appearance of current in a superconducting loop gravitational plane, like the appearance of electric charges in the piezoelectric deformation when an external force.The plane of gravity is also responsible for the formation and spatial orientation of the vectors of the electric and magnetic fields.

Varies only the energy of gravity changes from the inner radius: Elim = F0, grrgr.And, indeed, the planets in systems similar to our own solar system, located in orbits in the plane of the ecliptic;galaxies, star clusters, the universe itself - flat structure.So-called "black holes" - flat objects, with a radius of a plane of gravity: Rgr ≥re / m.Only in the center of the plane where F0 = Elim, grrgrmin = 0, there is a so-called "evaporation of black holes", i.e. ejected electromagnetic energy of high frequency and power plane perpendicular to gravity.

11. How already noted in the substance has stopped in its motion light: kinetic energy of the quantum of the electromagnetic field in the atom of substance separates electric and magnetic components of an electromagnetic field (on the strengths, weaknesses and the Coulomb interaction in the atom with decreasinginternal energy, and increasing the binding energy of the hydrogen atom to the iron atom with the release of the internal energy and - the opposite trend of the iron atom to the radioactive elements radium and uranium with the absorption of external energy);the internal energy of the atom with the gravitation, changing synchronously with the internal energy of the atom, supports a stable state for a long time, the order of, for example: ≈1032 years for the proton.12. In

shown that the mass of particulate matter is directly proportional to their internal gravitational radius: mgr.i = c2rgr.i / γ, therefore, the force of gravity by Newton, between massive material bodies, such as M1 and m2 can be represented as the interaction forcedepending only on the number of, for example, atoms and their gravitational radius and the square of the distance between the bodies: Fgr.i, j = Fo, c (nrgr.min) 2 / R2, (to simplify the expression - adopted the mass of bodies M and m equals).

13.Balans internal energy of gravity and the electromagnetic energy of the quantum of the electromagnetic field at its movement in space implies the equality of gravitational and inertial mass of the electromagnetic field

mgr.i me = / m, i, which in turn confirms the derived pattern of feedback:λe / mλgr = λ02

condition that the inertial and gravitational mass quantum of electromagnetic energy corresponds to the relationship of his electromagnetic and gravitational waves according to the law of feedback.

Consequently, the quantum of the electromagnetic field are always the equality mgr.i me = / m, i, and not a postulate, since it is inversely proportional to the cause of waves of gravity and quantum of the electromagnetic field.

14.Fotony emitted from a single light source, "connected" to each other through the rays of gravitation, connecting them with a source of radiation.

15 . relationship electromagnetic and gravitational wave quantum of the law defines the nature of the feedback control of its energy characteristics, as one of the basic principles of matter.

Company, works of man ... - all require management.Even in the "world" of numbers, an abstract representation of quantitative changes in the surrounding reality, is in order on the basis of internal management on the principle of feedback.Thus, the number of prime numbers and the number of composite numbers are subject to the laws of feedback (see Eq. 65):

q (x) + π (x) = [ηx]

change similar to varying wavelengths of gravity and the electromagnetic field.

16. Presented in the dependence of the length of the electromagnetic and gravitational waves from the distance traveled in space, without additional red shift in the source of gravitation:

λe / m = 2λ0S and λgr. = Λ032S, where: λ0 = 10-34 (m), S is a path traveled by a photon

confirm the origin of the cosmic microwave background radiation in our universe.

17.Gravitatsiya a rotating plane has a circular shape (miniature "black holes"), implemented in the centers of larger space bodies.For example, in the center of the radius of the planet Earth range of about 0.54 (cm).In the center of the world - the state of weightlessness, as the attraction there is implemented uniformly on all sides and superdense core becomes unthinkable.In this regard, dense layers of material formed into a spheroidal nuclear layer near plasma.The rotation of the "black hole" carries not only spheroid adjacent layers of magma, but the driving force of rotation of the planet itself.This arrangement of tiny "black hole" inside the planet creates equality of inertial and gravitational mass of the planet and is the cause of the separation of the electromagnetic field on the magnetic and electric components.The black hole of the Earth absorbs some boundary layers magma and experiencing a glut of intangible "entity" within its plane, "evaporates" in the form of high-energy electromagnetic rays from its center point, perpendicular to the plane of gravity.This excess energy weightlessness cavity at high pressure and temperature is transformed into the substance, giving rise to the chemical elements in the sequence of 1H, 2H, 3H, 3He, 4He, etc.

penetrating into the upper layers of magma continue to form more heavy chemical elements.Part of the precious helium seeps through cracks and magma crust.

Perhaps billions of years ago and our planet has a smaller diameter and mass rotates faster pull planet was significantly lower for the above reasons.Over time, the planet becomes more massive and a diameter and weight, while periodically occur catastrophic and slow changes in the volume and surface of the planet, apart continents shifted and closing in on each other continental plates ... In the low gravity in the distant past the first living mammals were of considerable sizeexceeding living several times ...

18.Na the basis of the theory of propulsion can be created and managed photon beam plasma using the principle of cumulation of cavitation and vacuum converging spherical electromagnetic waves.