What drives a better car

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not such an easy task - to choose the drives for your favorite car, as it may seem to us all at a glance.What drives better?If you recall, just 10 years ago, you have special questions, which it is installed, because the offer was quite stingy.Today, however, much has changed.Shops automotive subjects simply are full of diversity, without giving us sometimes to determine which drives better.Many of us may have noticed that sometimes the price of the same model are very different, sometimes quite significantly.And it's not to cheat, and as provided by the goods.

So after all, what drives better?Choice is required to produce, starting from the pre-emptive places and time of your ride.It should be borne in mind that there are three types of discs: alloy, steel, forged.To understand what drives better - forged or cast should find out what the difference between them.The cheapest are steel.They are just perfectly suited to fans of drive on the flood plain, jump with jumps or slides, and make regular field trips.Besides, they are very durable.For many it is a determining factor in the question, which drives better - forged or cast.Another advantage is the fact that they are easy to straighten when caught too deep pits.Typically, for such purposes have enough conventional hammer.By cons include visual perception.Discs are not very interesting, because their view of an average person.This less easy to hide because of caps which can be at any time to purchase and install.Weight is also a disadvantage because they are very heavy.

How to decide what drives better?Alloy wheels weight is much lighter than steel, but they have a nice view.They are especially popular with girls.Beauty, of course, important, but it is worth remembering what drives the best for the winter and are more durable.Due to the fact that the granular structure of the disc, such a purchase would be unreliable.With constant use of them may appear cracked, and the result could even happen defragmentation.This in turn could adversely affect the sliding wheels that for the winter period is unsafe.Of course, today you can easily drive to recover, however, we should not forget that, one way or another, the internal structure will not restore.

In Europe, there believe that it is fundamentally important, what drives the best for winter.Forged model is mounted on the sports cars.The reason is that the high cost of tuning does not allow to put the wheels of this type.Cost per pair is roughly $ 500.As for Russia, here the situation is different.Production of these discs is carried out and the defense industry.Their cost starts from 2 thousand rubles.Though inferior to forged wheels and cast in appearance, but they more than compensate for its strength, durability and ease.Very popular Russian steel forged light wheels.From a disk made of the alloy should also be taken into account.Use, as a rule, aluminum or magnesium alloys.

If you - a fan of off-road, we recommend to put alloy wheels.They are cheap and strong enough.If you ride only in the city, it is best to choose a comfortable alloy wheels.Making your purchase, do not forget that the cast disc fragile, but beautiful.If you want to just such, it is best to buy only the products of well-known manufacturers.It's kind of a guarantee that if you find yourself in a big hole, you can leave yourself, rather than using a tow truck.Forged wheels, though more expensive than others, but excels on the parameters.By purchasing these wheels, we can safely expect that they will last for at least one year.Buy expensive imported forged wheels there is no need, because their quality is approximately the same.