To talk about "What dreamed gold ring"

accepted that dreams are a kind of echo of the events that occurred with the man during the day.But sometimes the night vision may not be associated with any episodes from the life.People have long sought to find out what their dreams might mean.The first mention of this dates back to the 2nd century BC.e.At this time in ancient Greece there was a first dream interpretation - Oneyrokritika.Interest in it was huge.With the advent of various religious currents in society pull people to the interpretation of dreams a little abated.His contribution is made in the church, which has announced that dream interpretation - a "devil's book," and all the astrologers and interpreters - the messengers of Satan.Since then, many years have passed.In our time, a host of different dream-books, which are differently interpreted dreams.On the significance of one of these conflicting visions of the night, we will try to find out today.Compare how interpreted in different dream books, what dream gold ring.

Dream Miller

In the dream you carry on hands beautiful golden rings?Know what fate will be favorable to you, and will bring a lot of pleasant moments in the near future.Perhaps you will find a new and interesting position.And maybe you'll soon meet a good man who will become your encouragement and support.If an unmarried girl dreamed in a dream that she give the ring, it can be calm - her lover's intentions towards her are absolutely serious.He's going to propose to her.Interestingly, and what dreamed gold ring torn?It turns out that this could mean problems in his personal life.The couple in this quarrel.Unmarried and idle waiting for a break in the relationship.

Female dream interpretation: to wear a gold ring on his hand favorite - loyalty to him

ring - a symbol of fidelity and love.Wear it on your arm in a dream - so expect a successful moments in real life.Seeing the golden rings on the other - to new interesting and profitable acquaintances.They put the jewel in a dream on hand loved and dear people - to remain faithful to him for many years.A girl receives a gift of a ring, can expect a marriage proposal from her lover.Fallen golden decoration - a bad sign.Expect heavy trials of life.

modern dream interpretation of what dreamed gold ring

ring - a symbol of power, marriage and material well-being.As a rule, it is a dream to the formation of new lasting relationships.It may not be necessarily a love relationship.Reliable business contacts and friends to help you in solving your problems.A dream in which you see a gold ring, can also mean respect and esteem from other people to you.You will praise and look for your location.

French sonnik

Astrologers advised in the interpretation of a dream to rely on the feelings that are being tested in the morning after waking up.If the vision you have to keep a good mood, you have nothing to fear - ahead of only the positive.If it was a bad feeling - think of the dream as a warning.By the same token treats vision and French dream book "Interpretation of Dreams: a gold ring - symbol of love and friendship," - he said in it.What can we promise this vision?This book argues that if you find yourself on the finger at the beautiful ring or a wedding ring, it means that you will find a happy family life.If the jewelry is broken, then your love relationship will soon suffer "a fiasco."

Thus, we found out what dreamed gold ring.Other downers in my night vision is interpreted.