Do you dream of a snake - a clear warning

If you remove the snake - a clear warning.

Want to know what, keep reading!

You see, dear readers, turned quatrain.But these questions are not simple answers exist.To me very often in the real world stick with questions about dreams.And what a dream this or that character?Usually I answer as briefly.For example - for good!Or vice versa - an evil dream!It is impossible to interpret the symbol of two words of the dream.

So recently a neighbor ran: Tell me, what says the dream book, Why the snake dream?I say - this is some warning.

- And what?

- Watching as they dreamed of!

If you remove the snake One dead as my neighbor, that she has a friend.Son says it is hypocritical people and this hypocrisy made her suffer in reality.It is clear that we are not only my friend, but this is a general interpretation of the dream.

If you remove the snake, you should know that this is a sign of the various manifestations of evil in real life.If you see how they squirm or fall on the people, then you experience remorse.Also, you have to fight for survival.

Dream of snakes, which kill the dreamer, then he will win a decisive victory, triumph over their enemies.You put their interests above all else, will achieve recognition in a certain field of activity.

If you dream you go in the middle of the crawling reptiles, it is a warning that your place in the office of the company claim any selfish.It is also possible that you live in fear of some disease.It is unprofitable because thoughts shape events.

If you remove the snake and they sting you, and be careful!This evil machinations of the enemies that can succeed.In particular, the enemies want to harm you in your work.

But, let's say that you dream of a snake or a spotted snake crawling to you on the green grass.At the same time you bounce away and it creeps past, but suddenly back and turned into a tremendous serpent, but make the effort you get rid of such a vision.This basically good.In reality you will feel that you ignore, do not respect you, things are not going well.But it's over very well, and all these woes will check imaginary.You will be able to drop the extra trouble to the side and you get a reward and satisfaction.Snakes that entwine themselves in a dream rings around you, warn that you are powerless in the hands of the enemy, and perhaps ill.

Why dream of a snake, which turned in a dream your hair?Some events will lead to painful anxiety concerns.Snakes that dream become bizarre forms warning about the troubles of the dreamer.If in real life you will be able to maintain peace of mind, these troubles will disappear, unable to appear.Therefore you should be prepared in advance and adjust itself to such events and to overcome the related obstacles.

small snake in a dream tell the people who are fighting against you by means of slander.They want to embarrass you in any way and prevent the implementation of your plans.By the way, in the beginning these people on your side will be given a warm welcome.

If you remove the snakes and the children play with them, then some time you will remain bewildered.Where friends and where enemies?- This question is to ask the dreamer awake.

dreamer hears behind the hiss of snakes and while worries over the back and located the child.A bad dream!But we have agreed that it is a warning.Being forewarned, you will be able to prepare for, is not it?Dream warns that you are prone to failure from something that represents value for you.It turns out that you are involved in unacceptable to your conscience, dishonest intrigue.

In Assyria Dream Interpretation dreams snake for good.You will have a powerful patron, the defender.That's what you and I wish you and achieve success in various areas of life!