Capricious and unpredictable white shoes

No one will argue that the right choice of footwear is an entire science.A pair of shoes can radically change the tone of your suit, it is able to subtly "hinting" your status will help create a complete and stylish appearance, while incorrectly matched shoes can "kill" the most expensive outfit.It is enough to wear improper shoes and your look lost.Especially unpredictable and capricious in that white shoes.

Women wear their complete with white dress or suit.However, it appears that the white color has many shades and often tone dress just does not coincide with the tone shoes.You can also find a combination that white boat contrast with black stockings, velvet dress, shorts, jeans and T-shirts.Very rare white shoes really are to the point and look beautiful.An exception here is only open summer sandals, dancing shoes, textile shoes with thin soles, little ballerina, and white sneakers.

There are two cases when allowed white shoes - unless your garment has a white edge or if you are a health worker, and go to a white coat.White shoes also create visual problems in the appearance of women: they increase foot visually, the growth of a woman doing less than it actually is, and draw attention to the full ankles.There are even unexplained cases where white shoes, regardless of their cost and quality of the material looks very cheap, sometimes it seems that they are made of oilcloth.Very often, bad look white shoes on a wide-heeled shoes.

In general it can be concluded that white shoes - very risky subject of clothes, balancing on the edge of the permissible.So be careful, and especially careful with white seed pans.They commit to much, also requires and white clothes.Bright shoes in tone should not be bright colors of clothes, so it is best if the suit is lighter than the shoes.Designers give practical advice to choose when buying shoes white color options ivory, warm milk or any metallic shade.With clothes and warm colors are best to wear a copper or bronze shades and tones cold clothes silver and pewter shades.

White shoes require special care.In order to preserve leather shoes as long as possible its original appearance, they should be cleaned with a woolen cloth, and then apply a special colorless cream and rub some time, so that they shone.Lacquered white shoes do not tolerate heat and cold, as well as any patent shoes.That they have survived as long as possible, you should wipe them soaked in milk with a cotton swab.The usual cream such shoes can not be cleaned, as it immediately loses its luster.It is necessary to occasionally apply glycerin or petrolatum so it does not crack and does not warped.The special surface gloss can be given, clean it with beaten egg white.

require special care for the shoes and also during storage.You can not keep them near heating appliances.Keep better in a box, put inside the crumpled wrapping paper and a soft cloth or paper, too.They can not be kept close to the black, as it may adversely affect the color.Naturally, the sponge for a shoe care must also be a separate and corresponding color.Every time you shoot white shoes, it should be cleaned.First you need to clean from dust and dirt.If the dirt is very strong, it is necessary to clean the surface of the white shoes with special tools to avoid damaging it in the process of purification.And the means must always be matched to the material from which made shoes.