Multiple sclerosis - what is this disease?

Multiple Sclerosis - a disease that affects the nervous system, affecting the emotional and disturbing the physical condition of the patient.Many people somehow believe it is only a memory disorder, but it is not so.Multiple sclerosis has no effect on either the memory or the intellectual abilities of man.It begins with banal overgrowth of tissue in the brain and spinal cord, the so-called areas of sclerosis.After some time, they become larger.That is why they called the disease - multiple sclerosis.It appears in most cases to forty years, and then disappears for a while and comes back in a few years, gaining for this time more power.


symptoms in this disease are many and they are varied.They can occur quite suddenly, or in connection with the trauma, as a result of a nervous breakdown or even childbirth.His first symptoms - is a change in the sensitivity of limbs, blurred vision and dizziness appearance.

All of the above symptoms occur at the initial stage.If the disease has moved into a more serious form, along with these symptoms the patient starts a violation of motor activity accompanied by staggering gait and tremor.In this case the person does not work for a long time to stand in one place.

Then it only gets worse.The sensitivity of the extremities is reduced even further, while there is a nagging pain and slight tingling throughout the body.Seeing drops sharply, it slows down.Incontinence of feces and urine - a sure sign that the disease has entered a new stage.

Depending on the damaged areas of the brain or spinal complaints of the patient may be different.In men, this disease can cause impotence.For many there is a loss of memory, inability to focus on any subject, mood, or is raised, or vice versa - is a depressive character.The body in such cases is very weak, in this regard, the patient gets tired quickly.

However, symptoms in each case are shown differently.For some, they persist throughout the disease, symptoms may have other to retreat, some even disappear, new - it all depends on the severity of the disease.

Causes Multiple Sclerosis

What are the causes of the disease with multiple sclerosis can not say for sure any doctor, but according to some scholars, it is associated with a viral infection, which many are ill as a child.

believed that you can fully recover if the time to begin treatment.However, forecasts will be disappointing if the disease has already launched a new shape and inflammation appear in the application to those who already have.In this case, recovery is impossible.

also like to mention that the location is a determining factor in the development of multiple sclerosis.So, people who live in warm climates, virtually eliminating the risk of the disease.Statistics Men suffer from this disease less than women.Also, according to the scientists, in most cases the disease is hereditary.

treatment of multiple sclerosis

Until recently it was believed that the disease is incurable.But now scientists have found that multiple sclerosis is treated.To do this, you need only make the diagnosis, the main thing - to do it in time.Since multiple sclerosis is a viral disease, the virus should be treated so that it has not received further development.The treatment should take place as well as in allergy.Today there are many methods of treatment of this disease, while there are already positive results.

So, how to cure Multiple Sclerosis?Medications have not yet invented, but, as was said a little above, there are many methods, and they are very well cope with the task.Each patient has the right to choose the way of treatment and at the same time keep the disease at the mercy of the constant monitoring of this treatment.

clearly need to understand that only a doctor can determine what treatment is right for you.Proper treatment will allow you to enjoy a full life, with minimal loss of health.At small aggravations doctors advised to drink a variety of vitamins and soothing.If you have a severe exacerbation, then some vitamins will not get here.It will help only the dropper that reduce exacerbations.

So, let's sum up.Multiple sclerosis - is a very serious disease in which the affected brain and spinal cord.The main thing - it's time to make the correct diagnosis and start appropriate treatment.But should not get upset.Many people with multiple sclerosis have been living for many years, completely changing your lifestyle.And the appearance is very difficult to say where the healthy, and where sick people.So do all the instructions prescribed by your doctor and your health every day will get better and better.