As known the Russians celebrated the New Year

famous historical figures, marking the Christmas and New Year, received no less fun than regular folk.

Kings, as usual, walked regally.For example, the Grand Duke Ivan III recognized the New Year holiday only for himself and not for the citizens.In 1492 he commanded the church considered the beginning of the civil year and on 1 September and on this day ... to pay tribute and dues.And he was in the Kremlin and personally from the "folk" complaints and petitions.But Peter I feasts respected.After the battle of the bells in the Cathedral of the Assumption, he wishes all a Happy New Year, he gave an apple, and then launched into the sky cracker.The courtiers followed his example - lit fireworks and barrels of tar.Catherine II celebrated the New Year surrounded by courtiers at the masquerade that December 31 was arranged in the Winter Palace.Nicholas I on the home of the royal Christmas tree in Tsarskoye Selo and Gatchina himself donned a suit of Santa Claus and congratulated his subjects.

Skelettsy on tree

among the writers to the triumph came more creative.Leo Tolstoy, in spite of the love of asceticism, winter holidays complain, moreover, in the Tolstoy family had its own Christmas traditions."Thick always celebrated Christmas and New Year - told" AIF "Tatyana Komarova, a leading researcher of the Tolstoy House.- Leo was left an orphan, raised by his aunt and grandmother.In the 1870s, when they were still alive his aunt, on the eve of Christmas to their house always come from the parish priest of the church, performed the service in the hall.And then organized tree.When it was near the Leo Tolstoy appeared family, preparation for these festivities begin in advance.Tolstoy's wife, Countess, collecting scraps, walnut shells, and the children made toys on the Christmas tree.

naked dolls were bought (they were called skelettsy), they dressed angels, military, bunnies.Leo always loved to watch these preparations.On Christmas Eve in the hall put the Christmas tree.But the children were not allowed there.Just after the service door swung open and a Christmas tree invited Yasnaya Polyana kids - including the families of the yard, waited on the Count.Each of them received this evening at present.Then I was arranged a carnival.They showed performances, everything, including Leo Tolstoy, dressed in costumes.A New Year's Eve family Tolstoy going laid table and waited for the old clock, bought in England even the writer's grandfather, Prince Volkonsky, strikes midnight.As soon sounded the 12th hit, all raised their glasses with champagne and congratulating each other on New Year.

All important holidays in Tolstoy baked "ankovsky cake."His recipe is brought into the family of the Countess.She was the daughter of a Moscow physician Andrew Bers, the house which was well received Professor Anke.It was he who gave the young Sophia recipe for this cake.It treats baked from dough with the addition of lemon peels, cut into small cakes and serve. "

Fyodor Dostoevsky even though he was a player and a rake, but sometimes the New Year prefer to celebrate the old fashioned way with kinsfolk.This is how the younger brother of the writer Andrei Dostoevsky in his memoirs, December 31, 1864, the family spent their sister Alexandra Golenovskoy Dostoevsky: "The next day was December 31.We were at Golenovskih and morning and evening were, where they met the New Year ... Brother Theodore was in good spirits, as well as all those present, and we returned home after midnight, as befits a meeting with the New Year. "

with seating

leader Vladimir Lenin has been busy promoting the ideas of communism, so elkah visited only twice in his life, and then to the children, which were held in Sokolniki, in the house where she lived his ally and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya.These New Year visits of Lenin described later in children's books.And in 1960 there was even a postage stamp, which was depicted as Grandpa Lenin near the tree plays with rebyatnёy.

Joseph Stalin before the New Year is widely loved and gulnut invite lavishly set table, not only his colleagues but also artists.But Leonid Brezhnev and Nikita Hruschёvotmechali these holidays is much more modest."Once I had a chance to celebrate New Year in the company was already disgraced Khrushchev - said" AIF "Viktor Sukhodrev, translator Nikita Sergeyevich.- It comes in 1965, and Khrushchev, as you recall, was removed in October 1964.At that time I was friends with his adopted daughter yuloy Leonidovna Khrushchev knew his son Sergei Khrushchev's daughter Rada and her husband Alexei Adzhubei.Sergei asked me on New Year's to her on the street.Stanislavsky.Were also invited to the Yule husband Adjoubei, we got there, and Nikita and Nina Petrovna.Arranged such Soviet modest family gatherings.Khrushchev after the New Year, it said.Closer to the hour of the night, he and Nina had left and we were left to celebrate more. " Boris Yeltsin also met the New Year holidays in the family.But sometimes invited and pop stars."One day he called to his residence and Valery Leontiev, Alla Pugachev, - told the" AIF "each Leontiev Alexander Bogdanovich.- Valery Y. But then pulled his leg and walked on crutches.And so it came to Yeltsin.It's really fun Alla Borisovna.Leontiev out of the car, put down his crutches, but they picked up Pugachev and went, laughing and limping with a crutch. "

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