How to determine blood type

In some countries, especially in Japan, people are confident that the blood group can be found in nature.Blood group and Rh factor specified in the summary of a person during a job search.Some Japanese companies are taking on leadership positions, taking into account these nuances.

Blood - a combination of antigens of red blood cells, which is determined by human genetics.Rh factor is called a special protein in the membrane of red blood cells.The presence of this protein shows a positive Rh factor, which possess 85% of the population;no - a negative.

most common group - first.It identified 40-50% of people.The fact that it is, according to many scientists - the oldest blood group, which was for all people of the world a hundred thousand years ago.

30-40% of the people - the second group.10-20% - the third.Only 5% of people around the world can boast of the fourth, the rarest blood type.It arose as a result of mixing the second and third are literally thousands of years ago.

However, determination of blood group and Rh factor is necessary not only to explore the nature of man.Blood transfusion is not possible without that data.After a serious injury during the many dangerous diseases of man poured him a suitable blood.Every hospital will conduct tests to determine this indicator.However, in case of emergency, there is no time for such treatments.Therefore, everyone should know their group and Rh factor.

in medical laboratory specialists take a drop of blood from a finger of the patient for analysis.The group is determined using standard izogemagglyutiniruyuschih sera.On white plate with a special surface smeared with a special serum on each plate put a small amount of blood.As a result, the expert receives a combination of positive and negative responses, which allows it to determine the group affiliation of the patient.This procedure takes a few minutes, the patient experiences minimal pain when the doctor pierces the skin of the finger for blood.

How to determine blood type without reference to the medical clinic?

First, check your passport.Some people have a special passport stamp, which indicated blood type and Rh factor citizen.

Second, examine your medical records.Often, it happens all the necessary information.Group signs of blood can have a value 00 (indicating the first group), 0A (second), 0V (third) and AB (fourth).

Third, find the blood group of their parents.If they are the same - you probably have inherited the same group.

However, if you can not find anywhere else such instructions, go to the hospital for tests.These tips on how to determine the blood type, can be used only in those situations where you have forgotten the result of such issledoyany.Other methods of determining the exact of your group do not.Only a specialist can examine your blood.Modern medicine allows you to make it incredibly easy and fast with the latest inventions.

not delay the procedure.So how to determine the blood group can be without considerable financial cost, go to the clinic soon.You need to know not only their own blood group and Rh factor, but also the same information on their loved ones.Remember when serious injuries are often people die from loss of blood, and only the knowledge of the required information will allow doctors to do a transfusion immediately.It is useful to keep with you an excerpt from the clinic confirming your group.In this case, doctors will be able to help you, even if you lose consciousness.

emergency situation can happen to anyone at any time - this no one is safe.But we can influence its outcome.You do not need to discuss how to determine the blood group without analyzes.We need to find a mark on the blood group in his passport or medical card, and in their absence - to refer to specialists.