How to prepare mushrooms for the winter?

Mushrooms are the gift of nature, which combines the beneficial properties of nutrients and special taste.Thus they can be prepared as a separate dish or as a side dish or a fragrant addition to the various refreshments.Now hypermarkets can be found all kinds of fungi, so their use is not limited to the season and time of year.If we prepare, for example, mushrooms for the winter, you can not worry about going to the store and get back to cooking the food.

Marinated mushrooms

To prepare mushrooms for winter pickling, you can use the following information:

  1. Mushrooms (3 kg) need to sort out, cleaned of debris and thoroughly cleaned.Then, cut the roots and gently peel (thin film) with hats, cut each mushroom into two longitudinal parts.
  2. Prepared to put a lot into a clean container and cover with water, acidified with citric acid and let stand for half an hour.
  3. Drain and pour in hot water (1.2 liters of water - one large spoonful of salt) and simmer for about 2 hours, adding citric acid and sugar (the formation of foam, it is necessary to remove with a slotted spoon).
  4. just a few minutes before start you need to add a little vinegar and optional paprika and other spices.
  5. Marinated mushrooms in the winter to decompose into a sterilized glass container and cork.

Harvesting salty mushrooms

mushrooms in the winter you can prepare in the form of salt, it would require about 8 kg of mushrooms, they are peeled, washed and placed in a container.Then poured salt (400 g) and stirred for 0.5 hour insist.Onion (500 g) cut into rings, and hot pepper (500 g) was purified from the seeds, are washed and cut in a similar manner.

After that prepared mushrooms and vegetables lay in the banks, pre-sterilized, alternating layers, and the top should be mushrooms.Pour vegetable oil and optionally spices added.Containers sealed and stored in a cool place.

Fried canned mushrooms

Harvesting of the winter mushrooms can be made and the method of roasting.Interestingly this recipe, the highlights of which can be represented as follows:

  • Prepare mushrooms - to sort, clean and wash.Larger samples can be cut in the longitudinal section.
  • Massa put in a container for fire and simmer on low heat for about 1 hour 30 minutes (the time depends on the volume of products).This should stand moisture which the mushrooms would cover the end of the processing water must evaporate.
  • Add a little oil and fry mushrooms.
  • Cool blank and put in a special container, store mushrooms in a cool place.

Cooked mushrooms by this method can be used to prepare a variety of food, enough to unfreeze the previously blank.Here, we examined how to prepare mushrooms for the winter by several methods, they may be useful to anyone who likes "pokoldovat" at the stove.Properly cooked products allow feast lovely treats for a cold period.