How to draw Rarity from the series "Friendship - it's a miracle"?

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series "Friendship - it's a miracle," fond of viewers of all ages.Loyalty and dedication, magic and adventure - all this attracts both children and adults.Kids want in your life ... You can add wonders to follow the easiest, but least-budget way - buy toys, clothes, stationery and other merchandise with beauties pony.But there is another option - to learn how to draw their own colorful unicorns.And today we will learn how to draw Rarity, one of the main characters of the series.Any child will enjoy the process.In addition, drawing your favorite characters perfectly develops creativity, taste and an eye estimation.

history character

Little Pony fans surely everyone knows that.But their parents to learn how to draw Rarity require prompt.Therefore, a brief look at the character, habits, the legend of the horse.Rarity descendant of unicorns.She lives in Ponyville, and works as a designer.Rarity elegant and generous.

Exterior Features

to figure out how to draw a pony Rarity stages, look at her appearance.Leather light gray and purple-blue mane, elegant curled ringlets.On the forehead of a small pony twisted horn of the same color as the skin.She has blue eyes with long eyelashes.Cereals have ponies there is a special sign - three diamonds diamond shape.

How to draw Rarity stages

To create a sketch of a cute unicorn need white paper, a pencil, an eraser.We need to be paint, markers, crayons or colored pens.The whole creative process will take place in several steps.

first draw the basic parts of the body.Let's start with a circle for the head and an oval for the body.Add a line arched tail.The layout, we then removed using an eraser, so too much pressure on the pencil is not necessary.We now proceed to outline parts of the muzzle.Drawing the eye, cheek, ear and horn.These lines can be carried out more clearly than marking.

Then proceed to the second stage.Draw a pointed ear.Add some minor touches inside the ear.The mouth is small, with a hint of a smile.Detailing eyes.Analyzing how to draw Rarity, we have paid attention to her character.Expression must conform to the image: it is playful, calm and expressive.Getting draws the body - back to bend the leg.

It's time to start the neck.Add mane.At Rarity long curly tresses.Draw the legs and abdomen.

remaining parts: the tail curls, mane strands, crystals on the rump.

At the beginning of our story, how to draw Rarity, we have decided that we will be marked and auxiliary lines carefully.So now easily remove them eraser.

adds color

Hardly sketch takes a lot of time.It remains to show quite a bit of patience and accuracy, in order to fully complete the portrait of a pony.When prettification important to stick to classic colors.Then the unicorn will look like a cartoon prototype.Crystals on the rump can be set off using fluorescent paste or glue with glitter.That's it - Rarity ready!