Causes of miscarriage in early pregnancy symptoms

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miscarriage in the first trimester - it is an event which does not want to face any lady.After a pregnancy test showed two cherished strips, it starts a whole new period.Parents are now engaged Baby Names, plan the future nursery.Passing the shops, they could not help considering strollers, high chairs, clothes for the baby.Unfortunately, not every case of a favorable outcome of pregnancy ends.The fact is that many ladies have to deal with an issue like miscarriage in early pregnancy.How does the (photo) the embryo in the first trimester can be found in the specialized literature.In this article we will talk about in more detail abortion, its causes and symptoms.


Miscarriage implies a spontaneous abortion that occurs due to a variety of reasons.Usually, the problem is diagnosed for up to 12 weeks.Late abortions are rare.

How is this problem?

Miscarriage - a direct rejection of the fetus female body due to the impact of any factor.The fruit may come out of the womb completely, which is extremely rare, or in part.The first variant is found only in the very first weeks of the existence of the embryo in the womb.Women in some cases, may not notice the obvious signs of problems occurred.

If there are any causes of miscarriage in early pregnancy, for example, an infectious disease, the body begins to actively fight the ladies with fruit.As a result, there is no formation of the so-called placental weight, which is responsible for communicating the little man with the mother.In the body of the embryo is also consistent image of the body, which by all means prevent the union with the female body, and received from him a variety of nutrients.As a result, the internal organs of the embryo obtained various pathologies, and its shell is destroyed sequentially.

a result of rejection of the fetus out of the womb, and that is abortion.Depending on how the new interrupt life specialists can establish its cause.

types of miscarriages

  1. incomplete miscarriage in early pregnancy.Symptoms in this case include sharp pain in the lumbar area, accompanied by severe uterine bleeding.
  2. Full type.Bud completely leaves the uterus.Bleeding in this period terminated, discomfort is minimal.
  3. Missed miscarriage.In this case, the fetus dies, but he continues to stay in the womb.This condition is only an expert can confirm that at the time of the next survey will not be heard the baby's heartbeat.
  4. Anembrioniya.In this case, fertilization occurs, but the formation of the embryo is not carried out.The egg to attach itself to the uterine wall, develops gestational bag with the yolk bubble, but most of the fetus in the womb is not.
  5. repeated miscarriage.There is a time when a woman in the first weeks have been fixed like a miscarriage.According to available statistics, about 1% of families faced with this kind of pathology.
  6. Horionadenoma.In this scenario, the fertilization of the egg, changing the genetic information, but instead the embryo is formed by a small piece of tissue

Why does miscarriage in early pregnancy?Reasons

  • Violations at the genetic level.According to statistics, 73% of abortions happen for this reason.It is important to note that this kind of genetic defects of different nature is not hereditary, but are single mutation that occurred in the germ cells of a parent under the influence of negative environmental factors.Spontaneous miscarriage in this case is perceived as natural selection, that is, the destruction of weaker offspring.Prevent the development of this problem is virtually impossible.
  • Hormonal disorders - another factor that results in a miscarriage in early pregnancy.The causes of this problem lie in the lack of a hormone called progesterone.With timely detection of such a situation, there is the possibility of continuing the pregnancy.
  • reasons immunological nature.Usually, the problem is diagnosed in the presence of Rh-conflict.Embryo "takes" Rh positive from his father, and the mother (rhesus negative) begins to actively deal with the fruit, seeing it as a foreign body.To prevent development of Rh-conflict administration of drugs recommended for pregnant progesterone.
  • infections, sexually transmitted infections (toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, herpes infection).Pathogens gradually infect the fetus and its membranes, resulting in miscarriage occurs.
  • Have a history of abortion.Abortion, according to experts, it is not just an ordinary medical procedures, and serious stress for the body.This procedure is often provokes the development of ovarian dysfunction, promotes the formation of inflammatory processes.
  • The use of herbs and some groups of drugs.In the first trimester, doctors do not recommend taking drugs.The fact is that many of them are able to trigger the formation of various defects of development in the fetus.It should also be treated with extreme caution to those herbs, like parsley, cornflower, St. John's wort, stinging nettle.
  • cause miscarriage in early pregnancy may be lurking in frequent stress.
  • unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Falls, sexual intercourse, heavy lifting.Contrary to popular belief, exercise alone rarely lead to miscarriage.However, they are often trigger spontaneous abortion in the presence of one or more of the above reasons.


How does miscarriage in early pregnancy?What is in this woman?If the miscarriage occurred in the very first weeks of gestation, the lady can not avoid feeling bad and very unpleasant symptoms.Termination of pregnancy is almost always accompanied by allocation of a brown shade, and painful discomfort in the lower abdomen area.When these symptoms it is recommended to urgently seek medical advice.Do not put off a visit to a more convenient time, or wait until morning.

If a woman does not know yet of a new life in her womb, bleeding, it can be mistaken for normal menstruation.In some cases, clear signs of a problem, but there are indirect.How does miscarriage in early pregnancy?Symptoms of an indirect nature may be as follows:

  • rapid weight loss.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • Severe pain in the lower abdominal area.
  • appearance of mucus uncharacteristic tone.
  • Violation of the usual work the gastrointestinal tract.


If a pregnant woman feels bad and she appeared uncharacteristic vaginal discharge, it is recommended to visit a doctor immediately.There are different manifestations of this disease, however, will take into account only the clinical symptoms.

main way to confirm the abortion is considered to ultrasound.It also allows you to select a procedure by which the later will be treated to maintain pregnancy.

recommended therapy

Miscarriage, as experience shows, can be prevented in some stages.If it is a menacing stage, it is enough to comply with bed rest and skin therapy.If you have already begun Spontaneous abortion can save the fetus if taken in a timely manner for all of the available measures.According to experts, a specific plan of treatment depends on the cause of miscarriage in early pregnancy.

  • If cervical incompetence, for example, the cervix closed with stitches, which are subsequently removed to ourselves childbirth.
  • If the reason lies in infectious ailments, the doctor selects the appropriate antibiotic and / or antiviral therapy.
  • When there are hormonal disorders, endocrinologist appoints substitution treatment.
  • much more difficult is the situation in the case of abnormal structure of the uterus.The thing is that sometimes a woman simply can not bear a child on their own.With regard to this kind of disease, but today doctors are increasingly practicing surgical correction.

What to do with the threat of a miscarriage?

If a woman has any of the above symptoms, it is urgently necessary to consult a doctor.Originally a specialist conducts ultrasound to assess the condition of the fetus to determine the tone of the uterus.Then assign a number of analyzes (blood on hormones, intrauterine infection, smear on mycoplasma and so on. D.).

Most often under the threat of miscarriage woman should be hospitalized following treatment.To normalize its status is assigned "No-spa" (drug-antispasmodic), drip candles.

miscarriage in early pregnancy.What to do after?

If miscarriage still occurred, then further actions should tell the woman doctor.

recommended for some time to take a vacation to recover psycho-emotional and physical condition.Taking into account the fact that the interruption of pregnancy is not insured by any woman, it is considered advisable to pass the necessary tests to determine the possible causes of miscarriage in early pregnancy and prevent their occurrence in the future.


If at the beginning of pregnancy, the woman had a miscarriage, and then was assigned to the appropriate treatment, the likelihood of complications is practically zero.

On the other hand, miscarriage in early pregnancy without cleaning (scraping) may result in the formation of inflammatory processes.As a result of infertility may be due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes and the lack of proper functioning of the appendages.


Unfortunately, genetics is not to change the power of modern man, but to make adjustments to your lifestyle can absolutely everyone.These tips will allow you to minimize the likelihood that will happen miscarriage early in pregnancy, the effects of which are often disastrous for the whole family.

First of all doctors are advised to begin to plan for the child in advance (approximately one year).At this stage, both men and women should give up all bad habits, try to eat as balanced, undergo diagnostic tests and pass the necessary tests.

When the desired pregnancy still occur, the expectant mother is recommended to direct all their efforts to preserve the fruit.For this is necessary to avoid secondhand smoke, heavy physical exertion and stress.This is a great time to start doing yoga or swimming.Of course, do not neglect a visit to a gynecologist at all stages of pregnancy.

Conclusion In this article, we described what the causes of miscarriage in early pregnancy.Photos and stories of happy women who were able to go through the problem and subsequently gave birth to healthy children, proving that even after termination of pregnancy is possible to re-try on the role of the mother.Be healthy!