How is medical abortion ?The consequences of medical abortion

Nowadays, quite often there are cases of unwanted pregnancies.This happens in most cases because of the negligence of the partners, but sometimes the cause of such consequences of sexual intercourse becomes properly selected contraception.Upon the occurrence of conception before the woman raises the question of what to do next.Some of the fairer sex take a firm decision to give birth, the other is easier to terminate unexpectedly pregnancy.

interrupt fetal development

To get started is to say that there are several ways to expel the embryo of the genitals.Which one to choose a woman decides herself.Thus, methods of abortion can be as follows:

  • vacuum aspiration;
  • curettage;
  • medication abortion method.

Each type of abortion has consequences, and especially of manipulation.This article focuses on how the medical termination of pregnancy.You will also learn about the features and consequences of the procedure.

medical abortion

This option of abortion is not for every woman.Prerequisite is a small gestational age.Also, you must absolutely ensure that the fertilized egg is in the reproductive organs.Let us try to understand in detail is how the medical termination of pregnancy.There are several stages of preparation for this manipulation.


When a woman comes to the reception to the doctor and says, "I need medical abortion!" Terms - is the first thing that draws attention to the expert.If the first day of the last bleeding was no more than six weeks, the opportunity to have such a procedure.

The next step is to confirm intrauterine pregnancy.Dr. appoint women ultrasound examination, during which the specialist determines the location of the ovum and its size.In this period of development for the US not to exceed 42 days.

Next, you need to pass the necessary tests.They include the following studies: a smear on the flora, blood clotting, and the definition of rhesus group.If all indicators are normal, the doctor authorizes conduct medical termination of pregnancy.Reviews of women who have gone through this procedure, saying that her recovery is much faster than after vacuum aspiration or curettage.


If you are assigned to medical termination of pregnancy, as there is such a procedure, you must know in advance.Ask all your questions physician.The doctor tells in detail about how the medical termination of pregnancy, and tells about the consequences of manipulation.

On the day appointed for the event, a woman should be in the walls of the hospital.At the same time for the patient is under constant surveillance.Lady doctor giving pills that block the production of progesterone - the main hormone of pregnancy.It should be noted that without this substance embryo development impossible.The first appointment should be drunk three tablets.There are a few drugs that carry out medical termination of pregnancy.Reviews of these drugs are different.Almost all of these drugs have the same active ingredient: mifepristone.Thus, the locking means of progesterone may be: pills "Mifegin" means "Mifepristone" drug "Penkrofton" and others.

After eating pills a woman can feel the cramps in the lower part of the peritoneum and the nagging pain.Also, there may be mild nausea and allocation of blood from the genital tract.

After about two days a woman is necessary to use a drug that promotes strong uterine contractions.Most often, appointed the following means: pills "Mirolyut" pill "Misoprostol" drug "Cytotec".At this stage, the patient can remain in the walls of a medical institution or stay at home.Within a few hours after taking the drug begins medical abortion.Bleeding in this case may have a different intensity.It all depends on the individual and the response to the tablet.It should be noted that this procedure is quite painful, and women will have some time to endure the discomfort.

After the procedure

7-10 days after the procedure is necessary to check inspection.Most often, the doctor prescribes ultrasound.During his specialist notes as decreased reproductive organ, remaining in it remnants of fetal eggs.

If all goes well, the woman is assigned to the appropriate method of contraception and drugs to restore the loop.

medical termination of pregnancy: implications

Like any interference in the work of the body, the procedure can have complications.Before you will be a medical termination of pregnancy, the effects of this manipulation must be closely examined.

Incomplete abortion

The most frequent complication of this procedure is partial or incomplete abortion.The development of the embryo is aborted, but its shell out of the uterus is not complete.With this complication doctor prescribes vacuum aspiration or surgical curettage.

Inflammatory processes

Following any termination of pregnancy may experience inflammation.Medication is the most gentle method.After the procedure, complications rarely occur, as there is no manual intervention into the uterine cavity.However, the likelihood of the bacteria have, and it is quite high.

Hormonal disorders

Since medical abortion is based on the hormonal intervention in women after the procedure may have various hormonal diseases.That is why often after the procedure prescribed oral contraceptives, which normalize the menstrual cycle.


One of the most serious complications of this procedure - is the inability to conceive a child.It can occur for various reasons: inflammation, hormonal failure, a psychological barrier.

To eliminate these causes must be competent to carry out the treatment.

tumors and growths in the uterus

After the expulsion of the ovum from the genitals can be very unpleasant consequence: the formation of polyps and fibroids.Of course, these illnesses can be self-reliant and not depend on the procedure, but after such manipulations the probability of cancer processes becomes quite high.


Sometimes during the medical termination of pregnancy complications arise in the form of severe bleeding.If the uterus contracts improperly or internal damage occurred it during delamination of membranes may be severe blood loss.This output can be only one: scraping the inner cavity of the genitals or surgery.

That is why she will need to stay within the walls of the hospital to complete the procedure.At the same time for the patient to monitor closely experts.

Conclusion Now you know how the medical termination of pregnancy.Choose abortive method correctly, listen to the advice and recommendations of the doctor and follow all purposes.Only in this way you can avoid the negative consequences of the procedure.

Then should start immediately protected as another unwanted pregnancy may occur already in this cycle.