Women's Shoes And Cinderella Story

Folk wisdom says - is more important than dress shoes.Stylish and fashionable clothes, combined with rough and bad shoes often produce far worse impression than the appearance at the reception in the jersey.All known since childhood favorite fairy tale of Cinderella is confirmed the importance of good footwear.Cinderella helps not luxurious dress and a gilded carriage, make a miracle for her glass slippers.They are an example of fashion and elegance of the time.Speaking nonliterary language, footwear is a piece of clothing that is worn on your feet to protect them from the cold and injuries.In this definition, there is no hint of romance.If that were really the people still went to windings made of animal skins or in sandals.

But fortunately, shoes, especially women, in addition to its primary function - protecting the feet, has become even jewelery and accessories for clothes.What is it that will be the perfect shoes for Cinderella?What shoes can make a woman charming, elegant and able to almost completely change her life?One of the main challenges for women's shoes - women's visually lengthen the leg, emphasizing its slenderness.Women's shoes are best to help lengthen legs and emphasize their slender, graceful, and tend to have narrow toes.Narrow sock full leg even makes visually slimmer.On the contrary - round or square toe full-foot can visually.But in any case, in any case can not reach so absurd.If women's shoes are too long and narrow, but still bent up socks, they create a strange impression, and may already be falling out of the image of women.

is very important and the appearance of the shoe.If shoes or boots for women are made of poor quality leather, and even overly decorated with pieces of glass and colored beads, then when you look at these shoes it seems that their hostess is going to the country club dancing to the accordion, as it was in the last century deaf farms.Emphasize the harmony of female legs and visually lengthen their great help heel: tall and thin pin.However, these shoes for women can be worn in all cases, for example, during business hours for the business woman is unlikely to be easy.But do not despair, no less elegant shoes may look wide and low heel, if they are in the form of classic boats.Even gifted fairy Cinderella glass slippers were also crystal seed pans.

Perfectly slim leg and women's boots, but not at the expense of the toe or heel, but due to the shaft.Even with a square toe and heel complete absence of tight tops and long, give the impression of a beautiful, slender and long legs.However, the ankle should not be so narrow to pinch his leg and create a fold of skin on top, it's just kind of spoils the whole leg.In today's fashion shoes in Heels variety of forms, so the main requirement for heel - its convenience.A wrong heel is able to transform the most beautiful shoe model in sophisticated instrument of torture.But at the present abundance to choose boots or shoes for women, the most comfortable for your feet is a snap.

Remember the golden rule when choosing shoes: in all observe harmony.Pick your shoes not only color, but also a style and style of clothing.If you dress for the evening dress shoes, then this set is sure to impress others and permanently crash in memory, but if you need this kind of memory?Therefore, buying shoes, always think in advance what you will be wearing it.After all, shoes - it's just one of the items of clothing.If successful, the selection of the entire set, even boots for women, meets all your style can turn you from a Cinderella into a princess.Do not forget the shoes, clothing, handbag and jewelry must be combined and complement each other.