Yoga: How to learn to govern themselves?

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you hurt your finger and just annoying, this unexpectedness is an automatic reaction of the whole organism: to repair holes poured flow of building materials.However, some functions of the human body can consciously manage - with the help of focus on a particular organ (for this purpose, however, it is useful to acquire some information from the anatomy).Suffice it to recall the startling facts about the possibility of slowing yogis heart rate, up to a full cardiac arrest.

self-control and self-Yoga removes a significant role.Yogis say that our body for various reasons, sometimes inaccurately to discharge his duties.And then it has to come to the aid of classic triad: reason, feelings and will.This self-hypnosis is nothing unnatural - the role of speech, the role of the second signal system in the living organism is well known.

This does not necessarily sit in the lotus position and read the special mantras - in all, most ordinary daily affairs, is the possibility of exercise self-control, self-discipline, self-hypnosis.This yoga philosophy penetrates into life itself becomes a part of it.If a person achieves that his self-discipline in the implementation of the commitments will be strong, would not that mean that the already achieved success in self-hypnosis and strengthen self - discipline?

effect is achieved only after long and patient work.But it is hard to overestimate, and.The body, like a good musician instrument sensitively responds to any command of thought.Produced deep and firm belief in their abilities.Constant readiness to take on a difficult case.Positive attitude to the less strong and the desire to come to his aid.

Yoga no violence.She says this is you have an innate, but you have it if you want, you can improve, and better to get rid of it, and in their common interest using just such a group of rules and recommendations.While all this truisms, but they should not forget, if you want to work to improve the health of body and soul.The doors are open to all and always.

morning, after sleeping, yoga recommends at least ten minutes - fifteen focus on one thing, to try to gain insight into what is "it" and why (pencil, ship, green leaf and so on. D.), Try to understandin relation to its surroundings.The deeper and wider, the better.Ten-minute treatise on mental pencil that he, from what is done, how it is made, what it is used, which pencil drawings can remember, what's the difference between graphite and colored pencils, and so on. D., And so on. Others are but a rough planone of the topics to be concentrated.Another theme can take the binomial theorem - each according to his abilities and knowledge acquired stock.

Why is this?It turns out that for these actions is important result comes back into balance our whole being.It is not so simple;I do not have time to think about anything, as a few seconds already off the subject of reflection - such are the laws of association.Yet to achieve concentration is possible and necessary.Probably everyone has witnessed or participated in such a state, for example, in a moment of enthusiasm favorite job.Then a man so obsessed with her, deepened in themselves that can not ignore what is happening around, and "awakening" comes away from the first push neighbor.An observer will note some enlightened expression and any special position.Just when deep concentration we are quiet and almost motionless.That these moments of concentration, consider yoga, and come into balance our spiritual processes in the body.

in deeply concentrated state a person experiences, as they say, the world of the soul.In this state, a person is easier given the challenges.The deeper "dive" - ​​the stronger the effect.It is necessary to drive the thoughts of irrelevant, yesterday's and future business.Yesterday's all one business will not change, but for the future the time will come.In addition, they will work out better if we now be able to concentrate more deeply.It also will help to make our "tomorrow" and "the day after" is even better ...

For a deeper concentration needed baseline.The first proper breathing, good hygiene, exercise, proper diet and drinking.In short, none of the elements of yoga, taken separately, is not working.Only in the complex.Suffice it to say that each asana, breathing or other exercise, breakfast or swimming, can serve as a backdrop for the concentration and practice.As the development of practices, it is necessary to direct their attention to the favorable parts of the body, mind sending them a program of recovery and rejuvenation.

develop the ability in the shortest time to concentrate all the attention, all the forces of the soul - is the highest achievement and manifestation of our "I".And examples of this are found in various areas of human activity - a profound and rapid concentration of the athlete before a jump or a hundred meters, the scientist - or before the opening of meeting the challenge, the artist - the choice of topics or search for new artistic means.Examples are infinitely many.

Anyone who by occupation is necessary to maximize the ability to concentrate, he knows how to create the right mood themselves.Receptions are to some extent unique.Sometimes, to create a mood or frame of mind for a particular job, or to distract from the sad thoughts that prevent live, sometimes it is useful just to climb no elevator on the 7th floor of the house where you live.Or refuse to lunch, replacing him walking through the woods.

From the standpoint of yoga, many of us need to learn the ability to relax.While we are ready to argue that we are able to rest.In order, they say, resorts, holiday homes, cottages, hiking.A chair and a sofa at home.No, we are not talking about changing some other dynamic forces (active, designed for switching loads with a tired parts of the brain and body at least - is undoubtedly a good thing, but not sufficient).

Watch how you relax after work or in any pause.You sit down on a chair or lie down on the bed and talking to, and sometimes a little vzdremnete.This is a partial rest.And we need a full, what and teaches yoga.

When a complete holiday?When your entire body, literally every cell in the body work on the mode "just barely".The energy they spent slightly and stored for follow-up.It was then that comes complete rest.The significance of this holiday is enormous.Sometimes just a few minutes and you will feel that once again cheerful and ready for any task.For the sake of full should learn to relax.

Notice how well the children know how to relax!Oncoming, kid falls, as it is necessary, more backward, and if falls somewhere.Go to sleep, but do not lump is tight and solid limp softness.You take your hands on a body - even fasten knots.Everything is off and resting.Not immediately'll get a sleeping baby.We, adults, such ability, alas, lost.However, we are still not over, we just have to learn to relax again.

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