Do the world a methodology of scientific knowledge?

If someone mistakenly believes that the methodology of scientific knowledge needed only scientist in everyday life, it is not useful, so he just has not realized that it can help to quickly and efficiently navigate the wide variety of issues.Of course, studying the methodology quite difficult, but once it will acquire, once you start to look at the world in a completely different eyes.It is worth noting that this method has long been intuitively used animals and children, and quite effectively.But as soon as this method we begin to connect the mind, and it all starts to doubt, the whole experiment just goes awry.

Then why need a methodology of scientific knowledge?Mystics say that for the knowledge of life you just intuition, but it is not so.Intuition can lure us into such a jungle that people can easily imagines himself a great Messiah, and believe that it is talking with God himself.It is possible to pass from one generation to the meaning of a ritual that has long lost its relevance, but the belie

f in him until now still alive.Blind faith is very often absurd, because our life is flowing and changing, which means that along with it change and human truths that were previously considered inflexible.

doing their first steps in life, people are beginning to understand that the world is not as simple as it seems at first glance.The methodology of scientific knowledge by means of basic principles allows us to decompose the whole wonderful world on the shelves, but it is quite different from pseudoscience its main principles and methods.The true method is just embarking on the path to man kind of compass, allowing to avoid many serious mistakes.Bacon called this method a lamp indicating the way the traveler in the dark, however, he believed that one can not count on great success, going a false path.Descartes in turn is referred to the methods of precise and simple rules, compliance with which to distinguish the true from the false doctrine.

methodology of scientific knowledge has a lot to do with the German classical and materialist philosophy which developed the dialectical method to the materialistic and idealistic basis.Problems of methodology and technique play an important role in western philosophy of our time, especially in its tracks as the philosophy of science, positivism, structuralism, analytical philosophy.Each of the methods - it is certainly necessary and important thing, however, to go to extremes and to exaggerate or underestimate its value still does not follow.It is quite clear that it is impossible to turn into a kind of method of universal master key with which you can perform various scientific discoveries.

Any method may be useless if they do not use as a guiding principle, but as a ready-made templates to change the facts.Logic and methodology of scientific knowledge can not be limited only to scientific and philosophical framework, they can only be considered in a broad socio-cultural context.This means that you must take into account at this stage of development of a strong link between science and production.In any case, it is clear that only a conscious application of methods leads to the result of a more efficient and effective.Since the sixteenth century, the methodology used not only in philosophy but also in physics, chemistry and even history.

The effectiveness of a particular method is much dependent on the methods of application, moreover, in this case, is of great importance its richness, depth and fundamental theory.To the result exceeded all expectations, you must be sure that the subject of scientific knowledge - this is not just a separate subject, it is also part of the picture of the world that is always changing and improving.