Do you know how to make a valentine with your hands?

Valentine's Day - a holiday for all people in love.But if you delve into its history, it would be more sad than happy.Many centuries ago, I lived a monk Valentin, who in spite of the orders of the royal marriage on his soldiers, crowned Valentine.For this, he was executed.After the execution of the woman he loved Valentine, received a letter from him, written shortly before his death.In a message to the monk she talked about her feelings.

Today Valentine's Day is celebrated fun.And the history of the festival almost forgotten.Here are just a love letter - valentine lovers have been getting from each other.It has become a tradition and the basic rule of the holiday.

course, today few people think, how to make Valentine with his own hands.It is no problem to go to the store and choose the most suitable card, insert the recipient's name and sign.The choice is huge.However, much more pleasant to make a valentine with your hands, and after - to give it to your loved one.

Make a postcard on the day of Valentine's personally it not is easy.Unless, of course, have the desire and fantasy works.For example, here are a few ideas how to make valentines with their hands.

This idea is perfect for those who are inventive, creative love, or anyone interested in crafts like to make various crafts.Something needed.This, of course, the usual card, consisting of two halves, glue, leaves no residue, scissors.Also needed, and various ornaments: lace or lace, ribbons, beads, beads, rhinestones, foil.

So, stocked with everything you need, so you can start making.Given that Valentine - Postcard name, in the presence of pictures of a loved one, you can stick to turn the picture and below it write his confession.Photo frame in a frame of foil or use beads to skirt.By the way, wondering how to make a valentine with their hands, should advance to take care of words which will later be written into it.Of course, it is possible to pick up already told someone great and famous words of love.But it's not very original.Yes, and a man in love always have the right words, so I want to say that.The text, which is planned to be completed in the Valentine does not have to be in verse.It may just be a sentence or individual phrases.The main thing that they were from the heart.Love does not tolerate hypocrisy and lies.

But back to how to make the valentine hands.We picked up a postcard, written words, the recipient is indicated.It remains to make a love postcard original and attractive.On the side of the cover is to decorate it.For example, using glue to attach the lace and openwork border.And will look beautiful rhinestones, ribbons or thin strips of tape.By the way, the idea of ​​a photo can also be implemented on the front side of the card.

If the proposed idea of ​​how to make a valentine with your hands for some reason does not fit, you can choose a more lightweight version.For example, purchase an original photo frame, to insert a photo of a loved one (or a snapshot of where you are together) and right on the photo with a thin marker to write the word love.By the way, this option valentines also practical.

If you have the means, get an electronic picture frame.This will definitely be the most original valentine.Download all of your photos and joint programming the slideshow, electronic photo frame out of the ordinary is transformed into an ultra-modern valentine.However, this option probably is not suitable for those who have the money to buy such an expensive thing, but for the lazy.Still, no expensive gifts can not compete with those that are made with their own hands.Recent nice and do, and to receive and to give.