Dinamo - Zenit - Interrupted Match

Last Saturday, November 17 at the stadium "Arena Khimki" met Dinamo Moscow and Zenit St. Petersburg.End of the match was shocking.Nobody expected such a turn.

Many did not play purchased premium sports predictions.

After the whistle the ball to midfield Dynamo played.Barely two minutes later, the blue and white have organized a dangerous attack.Dribbled Gubochana, Kuranyi almost beat Slava Malafeev.Players "Dynamo" earned a corner, but failed to competently play standard.Zenit had to take the ball under control and a bit of hold to calm down.

Pressing Zenith half of the field owners, ending a swift counterattack Muscovites, which is the same Kuranyi could not beat the goalkeeper a blue-white-blue.

Fans from coast of Neva actively support their team.And the players Zenit go into the counterattack was led.Already Anyukov Shunina checks on jumping.
first 20 - minute first-inning runs counter to both sides.Goalkeepers are in full combat readiness.

for 25 minutes Bruno Alves near his own penalty fouls Kokorin and judge appoints dangerous free kick.Before the gate about 25 meters.Pomegranate sleek blow swept the wall of the bar and the ball flies into the goal without a chance for the goalkeeper.

Missed the ball attackers provoke Zenith.After 34 minutes Alexander Kerzhakov catch Dynamo defenders, burst into the operating room and a powerful shot from an acute angle.Fortunately Dinamo fans, Shunin tipped the ball to feet and slept thereby BK players who were able to buy a sports predictions.

This perfect game Dynamo goalkeeper, apparently, did not like the fans of Zenit, although whether they can then be called fans?At 35 minutes from the guest tribune towards the goalkeeper flew firecrackers, one of which fell right at the feet Shunina.The goalkeeper fell to the turf, holding his face.On the field, ran a medical team.Chief referee stops play and consult with the reserve referee.Spalletti left to podtribunnogo room.Then leave the team.Finally, at the 38 minute of the match the chief judge decides after the meeting.

egregious cases.Such behavior is unacceptable fans.Currently, the Interior Ministry to investigate the situation, and has already identified the person involved in the crime.

After the match Shunina examined in hospital Botkin.The diagnosis - a burn of the cornea and the right ear of otitis media, a temporary loss of hearing.
an urgent need to enact laws that will make fans violating all the norms of law and morality, to be responsible for sodeenoe.