Clinical Psychology.

Clinical psychology - is primarily a specialty widest profile.It is interdisciplinary in nature and involved in solving a whole range of problems in the system of public education, health and social care.Clinical psychologists work to improve the psychological resources, as well as the adaptive capacity of people.In addition, it is aimed at preventing and overcoming all sorts of ailments, harmonization of mental development, psychological rehabilitation and health.

term "clinical psychology" in Russia has long been replaced by "medical psychology", they determined the same activity.But in 1990, it took to bring the Russian education program in line with international standards.As part of this, and was approved by a specialty called "clinical psychology".In contrast to what is happening in our country, in the practice of medical psychology of other nations indicates a narrower scope of the psychology of the patient and the therapist interaction or doctor.But clinical psychology - integrated practical and scientific psychological discipline.

It is used not only in medicine, but also in a variety of social, educational, and advisory agencies that serve people with mental health problems and developmental abnormalities.

diverse tasks of clinical psychology.Firstly, it is designed to study the influence of psychosocial and psychological factors on the development of personal and behavioral disorders in humans, their correction and prevention.Secondly, it studies the specificity and nature of any irregularities in the development of the psyche of the individual.Third, it examines how deviations and disturbances in physical and mental development of the influence the behavior and personality of people.Fourth, it examines the nature of the relationship with the immediate environment of abnormal person.Fifth, she learns, and creates a variety of psychological methods of influence on the human psyche in the preventive and corrective purposes.

subject of this scientific and practical disciplines are mental manifestations of disorders, their influence on the psyche, the role of the mind in their origin, course and prevention.In addition, the subject of this discipline is also considered a violation of the psyche, the development of various principles and research methods in the clinic, conducting techniques and psychotherapy.

main section of clinical psychology is pathopsychology.It deals with issues such as the violation of the human psyche, disorders of adequate perception of the world as a result of CNS lesions.It also examines the development of methods of correction and treatment of such diseases.

in clinical psychology and has a section of neuropsychology.This discipline studies the role of the brain and central nervous system in a variety of mental processes.Section Psychosomatics explores all sorts of problems people who are sick somatic disorders.This means that due to the impact of psychological factors in humans there are various internal diseases, cancer and so on.There are also in clinical psychology, and sections such as psychiatry and psychological correction.

methods of clinical psychology differentiate, obektizirovat and qualify a variety of options and rules pathology.Selection of a particular method depends on what task is facing a psychologist, what is the mental state of the individual patient, and so forth.This conversation, observation, study the products of creativity.It also includes psychophysiological methods anamnestic, biographical and experimental psychological method.