How to cook the jelly juice with gelatin

One of the most popular desserts is a dietary juice jelly with gelatin.In contrast, mousses, ice cream and cakes various it contains eggs, cream, butter and other high-calorie foods.The only drawback is the sugar content of the jelly.However, if you cook it from fresh juice of sweet fruits and berries, the need for sweetening disappear by itself.By the way, the gelatin itself contains many useful for the functioning of the body substances.In view of this it is prepared not only desserts, but other cold meat and vegetable snacks and meals that contribute to the welfare of patients and, therefore, served in the best hospitals in the world.However jelly juice with gelatin in the first place is a favorite treat for kids.It's tasty and healthy - to the delight of mums and kiddies themselves.

What is gelatin?Positive properties and indications

It hydrolyzed collagen.It is made of bone, cartilage, skin, certain domestic animals (pigs, cows, etc.).As a result, acid catalyst and an alkaline hydrolysis, the synthesized substance in the form of small crystals.They have a golden yellow color.If you place them in cold water, they swell and take the form of eggs.The gelatin contains inorganic and organic substances, such as iron, sodium, magnesium, calcium, amino acids (proline, gidroksipolin, glycine).The last of them accelerate the regeneration of connective tissue, so the gelatin is often used in the manufacture of cosmetics and medicines.

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How to make jelly juice: the recipe (berry)

Almost all fruits and berries contain many useful substances.Their value is the highest, if you eat them fresh, without subjecting to heat treatment.The more varish fruit, the less useful substances therein remains.This refers to the compote, jam, jam, etc.But the recipe is given below jelly juice with gelatin allows the berries to keep all useful properties.In most zhelatinosoderzhaschie meals and medication recommended for patients with bone problems (fractures, osteoporosis, etc.).Then we present to you the story about how to cook the jelly from the juice (recipe from berries).

What is needed

½ kg of berries (raspberries, currants, blackberries, etc.).

Sugar - 200 g (can be longer).

Gelatin - '50 Method of preparation

Berries cleaned thoroughly wash and sprinkle (layers) sugar.Leave overnight.With colander overcome "syrup."Gelatin is put on the bottom of the metal dish, pour 1 cup of cold boiled water and leave to swell for 1 hour.To it add 1 cup of water and, stirring constantly, put on low heat (not boiling).Mass to cool to room temperature and add 2 cups of syrup, mix well and pour shaper.After that they put into the refrigerator for 3-5 hours.That jelly juice with gelatin ready.It can only have cold.For a long stay in a room with a temperature of over 20 degrees will lead to its dilution.

How to make jelly juice with no added sugar

Desserts are certainly very good, but if we learn to do without them, it will only help to improve our health.Pediatricians recommend parents as long as possible to delay introduction of their children with sugar and sugar products.If a kid has not tried sweet dishes, and then he would not need to do so.Infant formula, cereal and other products (cheese, sour cream, yogurt, juice, etc.) should not be sweeter taste of breast milk.As for the jelly from the juice and gelatin for a child two years, it may be prepared in general without any additives.Everything is just natural.For example, you can take a carrot, apple, watermelon and other juices.Of course, the best to use for the convenience of a juicer.While preparing for a small portion of jelly juice with gelatin enough fine grater and gauze.The main thing you need to know at the same time - one glass of fluid must be used 10 grams of gelatin crystals.If your child has become accustomed jellies with no added sugar, it may become one of his favorite treats.And this will have a double benefit.That is, the baby will be strong, flexible bones, healthy teeth and hair, and with it, the sugar will not promote tooth decay and diathesis.

Conclusion As you have seen, jelly - a great dish that has on the body extremely positive impact.And the sooner you enter it in the diet of your baby - the better.Science has proven that the contraindications in this dish is not.However, if your child refuses to eat it without sugar, it does not matter.You can always just sweeten it with honey or sugar.