Society as a System of Sociology

society as a system in sociology begins to be seen from the earliest stages of the development of scientific thought.The concept of "social system" research was developed in the modern sense is relatively recent, with the emergence of a systemic approach to science.

definition of "system" there are more than 50 different fields of social sciences.A generalized definition can be summarized as follows. system - the totality of the various elements are interrelated and form a coherent whole.In this society as a system in sociology in the formation of new forms of becoming a new element in relation to the existing ones.Thus, the system is independent entities, and on the other hand it depends on all of its constituent elements.

System Communications , which exist between the elements of society, characterized by multi-layered.They exist between the individual elements of a system and between the system as a whole and each of its elements separately.Since the system can include more and subsystems, it doubles the number of possible connections to them.

individual subsystems are in a certain subordination of each other, so the study of subsystems allows to reveal the patterns of development of the entire system completely.

society as a system in sociology characterized by integrity, which is possible only when its existence.It is characterized by a certain structure (interconnection elements), expressing its qualitative determination.

Structured communication in a society depend on where a particular element, so the development of the structure of society is expressed in the interaction of its basic elements with secondary (example: the leader and team).Development of elements leads to an increase in the number of system connections.This means that all the changes in the structure and change the system itself.She, in turn, also influences the structure of the elements, facilitating or hindering their development.

Thus, society as a system in sociology has for regularities of .The Company is a fundamental category of sociological science.In science, for him to understand a broad community of people, as well as the form of the social bond uniting individuals and groups in certain integrity on the basis of joint action and a common culture.All researchers recognize society as a complex holistic education and social organism.There is no difference of opinion that the study and analysis of society require a systematic approach.

So, society is a very complex system, characterized by an internal structure.For example, the structure of the labor collective, territorial community (city, village), ethnic group, social class, etc.

society as a system in sociology is characterized by human nature and nature.It is both a sphere of human activity and its product.The initial element of the system is the person .Users interact with each other, making them out of individuals in the social system.

There are concepts of open and closed society.These concepts were introduced by Karl Popper, to describe the cultural, historical and political systems that were characteristic of different societies at certain stages of development.

closed society in sociology - is a type of society that can be described static social structure, low mobility, rare implementation of innovations, and the ideology of traditionalism device.In such a society the majority of its members are willing to recognize the value that they are.Typically, this totalitarian or authoritarian societies.

Open Society in sociology - this type of society, which is characterized by a dynamic structure, high mobility, criticism, striving for innovation, individualism and pluralistic ideology.In such a society, people can choose his moral and ideological values.There is no single state ideology and constitution guarantees freedom of the individual.This democratic society.