How to clean gold at home

Almost all of gold jewelry made from alloys of various metals, on which depends the future strength of the decoration.But probably many have already noticed that the interaction of jewelry with air or water, metals oxidize slowly, and for this reason, the jewelry produced spots.

Currently, there are a number of affordable and simple ways that can help you learn how to clean gold at home.

Above all, remember that you should not with gold hardware, dressed on the arm, do housework, especially procedures such as peeling potatoes, vegetables, or pieces of furniture cleaning agents containing abrasives.

If your gold to buy the product was a dull shade, then clean it with ethanol, previously applied to the cloth.

It so happens that over time, the pollution in the decoration has become strong, then it can be removed by soaking your product in liquid ammonia.Prepare a solution is quite simple.To do this, take five drops of ammonia to one cup of water, place it into their product an hour.

If a thing is not very polluted, it is possible to prepare a solution of washing powder.This solution makes tablespoon of detergent dissolved in one glass of water, and then placed in a product.

also for jewelry, which are contaminated spots, you can prepare a solution consisting of 200 ml of water, and one vial of liquid ammonia.Gold items should be kept in the solution for about five minutes, then carefully shake the container, remove and rinse it under running water.

acquainted with the following method, you will learn how to clean gold with stones at home.

Gold Jewellery with stones can be cleaned, spreading a tablespoon of salt per liter of hot water.The bottom of a small tank or basin Cover the foil, lay on the foil and fill with gold solution your product so that it covers the stone and leave the jewelry for 12 hours.Under the influence of chemical reactions, all impurities are removed during this time.

Next, we describe a few ways in which you learn how to clean gold at home if you have enough time.Over a long period will make it much easier and more efficient than using conventional methods.

Mix 100 milliliter of hydrogen peroxide and 50 ml of liquid ammonia.Put jewelry in a container with a solution, cover the container with a lid and leave the product overnight.In the morning, rinse under running water decoration.

Another way: in 50 milliliters of water to dissolve the two half tablespoons of salt, and the resultant solution leave your product for 8 hours.Then rinse it.

not forget that caring for gold products is quite simple.Once your product is dim, the best way to clean it up - is put into a container with detergent or ammonia, and pour all the desirable hot water.Then drain the water and rinse your product.

Today, some modern specialized literary publications have numerous reference section below for other ways you can use to learn how to clean gold at home.

For example, in these books can be found, such methods: polpaketa citric acid can be dissolved in a glass of warm water and put it in the capacity of your decorating.After two to four minutes of jewelry can be removed and washed.

also for cleaning gold jewelry with stones, you can prepare a cleaning paste with equal parts of Vaseline, soap chips, powder, chalk and water.Availability of sufficient funds to process your decoration with stone and rub with ethyl alcohol, and finally with a soft cloth.Remember that when cleaning jewelry with stones is strictly forbidden to use sharp objects such as toothpicks or chopsticks.It is best to wipe the product with a stone with a soft flannel cloth.

purchasing jewelry, find out in advance about how to clean gold at home.Gentle care of jewelry will extend its operation for many years.