Door locks : setting their own hands .Selecting a lock for the front door .Replacement and repair of door locks

The process of inserting the lock - it is simple, especially if the design is a simple lock, and the door is the most common.To cope with such a task anyone can, provided that you know what a chisel and a hammer.

Consider the main types of door locks.By type of attachment they are cut-and patch.

Mortise door locks

Often it mortise door lock is mounted on the metal doors.In this wooden place will be weak and vulnerable.Mortise Door Lock is integrated directly into the door.

making a choice, it is important to pay attention to the thickness of the front strap of the castle, it should not exceed the thickness of the door and its depth.Such locks are used as supplements for left and for right.Furthermore, there is the door locks, the installation of which is independent of which direction the door opens.The main advantage is that it does not frustrate them succeed.

Overhead door locks

They have this name because the applied directly to the door.For self-installation you do not need any special skills, and the process will not take much time.Most of these locks are used in combination with other types, such as lever.In order to strengthen the protection using lock or a chain.

By type of locking mechanism all locks can be divided into three groups: the lever, and electromechanical cylinder.

lever locks

This type is today considered the most reliable when compared to other types of locks.In this case, reliability is completely dependent on the number of levers.This so-called plates, which turns the key and lock the lock.The more, the better housing is protected from tampering.

Despite all the advantages, such a castle there is a disadvantage that is the size - they are large enough.This makes it impossible to use the lever locks in thin door.

also some inconvenience may be during use of the key, he too big to carry him uncomfortable.Some units are equipped with lever locks transcoding.This function allows to change if necessary the key itself, in this replacement the lock is not required.

However, the shortcomings of this type of constipation is so petty in comparison with all the advantages that its use is still quite profitable.Often equipped with locks 4-5 levers, making them well-protected against drilling, sawing or other means of hacking.

Cylinder door locks

Cylinder samples have in their structure a cylinder or larvae for door locks.This type of constipation is strong enough, as protected by the use of master keys.

cylinder lock may have openings for both keys on both sides or one side.In the second case, the "inner" side is a spinner, which allows you to open and close the door without a key.

For installation in the door you need to make a hole so that the larvae for the door locks were not visible (to avoid cracking).To avoid the possibility of knocking out the additional lining, which have inside.

In this type of door lock has its disadvantages, for example, there is a possibility of mechanical cracking, system crash, and the dependence of performance on the humidity and temperature changes.

Door Openers

Smartloki or "smart" locks.They consist of mechanical and electronic parts.In the event that the battery charge is ended and the electronic lock opening is not possible, you can always use an ordinary key.Electromechanical representatives can be equipped with a numeric keypad, a chip-key systems, which are designed to recognize the retina or fingerprint.

also door lock for the front door is locked or can be fixed.The second option involves the latch which can be removed by turning the ordinary.

Installation lock in a wooden door

Replacing door locks interior door can be carried out without the help of professionals.First you need to choose the type of bolt that you will use for the installation.Mounting mortise and rim locks are slightly different from each other.

If you are going to install a carved lock, then you need to stick to a definite plan: Interior door locks are installed overhead fast enough.To do this, just mark the place where it will be located, mark the points for the screws and the keyhole to do for the last hole to fasten the lock to the door with screws, cover it with the outer side of the side.

  1. Prepare the necessary tools.Replacing door locks require you to have a saw, screwdriver with a drill wood, drill, chisel, drill, screwdriver, tape measure and marker.
  2. Mark outline marker tie castle, it should be done from the front.
  3. on the side of the door used to cut around the lock mechanism.
  4. Mark the location of the keyhole.
  5. Drill a hole in the door leaf, using a drill.The hole should not be cross-cutting.
  6. To remove excess material with a hammer and chisel.The cavity should be such that the lock perfectly fits into it.
  7. Insert the lock into the hole, then the circle at the end of the mounting bar and the location of the holes for mounting fixtures.
  8. Make a hole for the mounting straps, handles and keyhole.The latter should be a through hole.
  9. Insert and secure locking mechanism.
  10. Secure the bar-lock, which must be placed at front door.To facilitate this process, you need to smear bolt chalk.Turn the key, you activate the bolt action, which later will leave a trace.It is this trail will help determine the position of the holes for fixing directly to the castle.
  11. Using a chisel, the opening should be deepened, taking into account the size of the tongue.It is also necessary to clear part of the box that corresponds to the contours of the strap-lock, and then install this bar and secure with screws.
  12. Check the operation lock set.

No matter what you choose door locks, installation requires patience and accuracy.

Preparing to install the lock: Tools

Before installing the lock on the metal door by yourself, you need to carefully think things through and make sure that you really deal with it.First you need to prepare the necessary tools.You will need:

  • drill for metal;
  • drill;
  • crown;
  • Saw;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • screws;
  • knife;
  • line;
  • core.

also need to think carefully about the security measures and take care of safety glasses and gloves.

Door Locks: installation on a metal door

prepared all the necessary tools and selecting the door locks, you can install.It should be conducted in the following sequence.

  1. Spend all the necessary measurements.Attach
  2. used to lock the door and mark the spot where the hole will be located, including the key.
  3. Spend markings on the side of the door.
  4. Make a rectangular hole using a grinder.
  5. Insert the locking mechanism in the resulting hole and mark the screw.
  6. Try to fix the lock.If this process does not cause problems, mark the place for keys, and then drill the holes yourself.
  7. Secure lock and check its performance.
  8. Install covers on the lock.
  9. Drill holes for the crossbars.
  10. Lutkov Secure cover on the door.

All you have operable door locks, installation is complete.

choosing a door lock for the front door, very carefully check the conformity of the product certification, to make you feel secure in your own home.