Affiliation - what is it ?What does affiliation when it comes to organizations , sites or legal entities ?

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word "affiliation" is rarely heard in ordinary everyday speech, as the majority of average citizens have no idea what it means.Meanwhile, it was often slip in news reports, a variety of analytical materials.Especially if we are talking about some kind of fraud or simply inaccessible to ordinary people in the operations of the legal and economic spheres, as well as in economic and organizational activities.And then the question arises: affiliation - what is it?It is necessary to deal with this, to understand what was going on, when you hear the word again.

concept of affiliation and its origin

happened word from English affiliate, formed from late filialis, which means "filial".In English, this word means the acquisition, that is, the term affilation means "connection" or "link".So, figuring in the concept of affiliation, what it is, we are already beginning to understand.It turns out, is the connection, the connection, the subsidiary belonging to something.If we talk about the right spelling, then there is a verification word "branch" that is, the right to write "affiliation".

In a general sense, this word refers to the dependence of a specific object from the larger, its relationship or submission to him.Often the term is used in the context of talking about companies and organizations, we can even consider such a thing as an affiliation of the site.

use of the term in different situations

So if the very notion of a more or less clear, it is necessary to consider it in different contexts.If we talk about the firms and companies, then there may also be used affiliation.With this, it becomes clear, if we say that we are talking about belonging to the organization of a large company as an affiliate.This subsidiary may carry out its own economic activities, their own statements, but keep the main focus of the company, and depend entirely on the decisions of its management.Practice shows that to date the affiliation is often used for crushing business artificially to evade the payment of taxes, which brings a lot of trouble fiscal authorities and other government agencies.


This concept implies that a natural or legal person is entitled and methods affect the operation of a business entity, expressed in the form of a natural or legal person, as owns a share of its capital or is the governing body of the organization.Therein lies affiliation.What is it, and who can be considered as such?Affiliates may not be members of the supervisory board and the board of directors, executive director and member of the collegial executive body and others.They also accepted to those who have the right to dispose of more than twenty percent of the capital of the whole company or may have an impact on the above post.

When entering a legal entity in the financial-industrial group, we can say that its members - is also affiliates.However, to date this term is more often used with a negative shade, since it means the parties or a firm having effective levers of pressure on a legal entity, but hides its presence in its business activities.


sites on the internet, too, it is appropriate to use the concept.And then underneath lurk sites, who gave a supporting role in the promotion of basic resource is the parent.They are often referred to as satellites or doorways.Typically, once it created a whole network of doorways that are meant to move users to the untwisted resource.Thus, it is necessary to consider affiliation, that is in this context means that the example search engine "Yandex".Namely, how to get out of such a filter and which sites under him often fall.

If two sites contact information completely or partially coincide, "Yandex" will recognize them as belonging to the same company, including their affiliates.They had a special relationship - and then his position is that the affiliate resources can not be displayed simultaneously in the results of search queries.That is two of your site does not appear at the same time as a result of the search for a single keyword or "Yandex" does not withdraw all or one of them.

Knowing that "by Yandex" is checked on the affiliation, it should be understood that such sites should not promote the intersecting lists of key phrases, as it does not allow to take top places in the search results.In the case where no intersection keyword list, can achieve the desired result.

How does it work?

Extradition for each search query will show the most relevant sites.By this it is understood that Yandex will determine which one is more in line with your query.Of course, there are other factors that influence the position of the resource in the results: age of the site, the quality and quantity of incoming links to it and so on.More often than not fall under the filter sites of fairly large companies, creating a large number of resources for each of the regional center or the city.

How not to be under the filter?

is most commonly triggered automatically.Cash thus the filter is usually removed in the same way, so there is no point in writing a long explanatory letters to support search engine.You only need to eliminate signs of affiliation and wait until the filter comes off automatically.If you purchased a new domain for themselves, and to the sites of affiliate network is irrelevant, the filter will act very quickly.Often, "Yandex" sufficient presence on sites like range of products, descriptions, and the similarity of the domain name, to recognize their affiliates.The situation is exacerbated if there is a match in the registration data hosting and domain.