Head of Sales: responsibilities and requirements for it

Head of Sales - specific position.On the one hand, this is the highest managerial staff and quite a prestigious place.However, many workers perceive it as a springboard for access to the career "Kings".

Head of sales - a position which implies relatively high levels of power and load.The man responsible for the operation and performance of the whole department, on his shoulders rests the creation and maintenance of conditions for effective work of the team.The Head of sales also includes the development of strategies: direct participation in the meetings, the planning, the decision to reduce or expand the staff, marketing activities and much more.

personal and professional qualities

Of course, not every person by virtue of his professional and personal development will be able to hold this position.Along c makings of a diplomat and respectful attitude towards his subordinates, head of sales should not be deprived of his business acumen and rigidity with respect to their positions and decisions.For the head and required high levels of demand in the first place to himself.

Do not forget about the so-called corporate responsibility.A man without a proper social position do not realize the consequences of their actions for society, it is undesirable for the position.Actions such people tarnish the company's image and hurt her media image.


Job Description: Head of the sales department is not unified.It is individual for each sphere of business.Duties of head of sales largely depend on the structure of the enterprise.A sample list of tasks that define its jurisdiction, is as follows:

  • negotiations with potential sellers or buyers;
  • plan the month / quarter / year on purchases and sales;
  • load balancing and responsibilities of middle managers;
  • organization and purpose of market research;
  • work with independent research centers;
  • supervision of advertising policy and the state for Public Relations;
  • implementation of contractual policy;
  • development through cooperation with other companies and companies that provide services to the enterprise;
  • part in the development of programs to promote and encourage employees in his department.

interaction with the management

sales team will always be dominant in the structure of business.From his work depends entirely on the viability of a project, so close interaction with senior leadership of the company (CEO, Board of Directors) is part of the job of sales.

As part of this interaction is necessary: ​​

  • make proposals for improving the work of his department and the company as a whole;
  • report identified shortcomings, irregularities in the work of their own and other departments;
  • receive and give explanations;
  • request and provide reports and other documents related activities;
  • other.


First of all, the head of sales should be as self-motivated.Of course, the minimum plan has not been canceled, but this position requires constant momentum increase in the intensity and volume.After all, the next step - a guide across the enterprise.