Chimney in the bath with his hands from a brick.

Erection good brick chimney can not be compared with the installation of a conventional steel pipe as conducting these works is accompanied by a more formidable challenges.It is important to pay attention to each seam, because of the tightness will depend on the security of those who will use the oven.

Fire safety

Equipping the chimney in the bath with his hands, it is important to strictly follow the rules of fire safety.The main task of any chimney acts removing combustion products from inside the room where the stove is installed.It will contribute to this process of craving, which is necessary to provide within the pipe.This thrust will output exhaust fumes and ensure the supply of oxygen to the combustion chamber, which will support combustion.

If you are installing a chimney in the bath with his hands, then you must know its advantages.So, as the main advantages of brick chimney acts that in any weather traction from this design will be great, the look is superb, but the period of life will be much longer compared to those with a steel pipe.Before starting work, you must decide on what technology will be work.

Key elements of brick chimney

Before you build the chimney in the bath with his hands from a brick, you need to determine what elements it is composed.At the beginning of hacking is a tube that is laid out in compliance with a special dressing.For up to 6 rows of overlapping this component is to be completed, because after starting the neck fuzz.Fuzz is an extension of the chimney, but the section should remain the same as the entire length of the tube.Increased falls only on the outer part of fuzz, wherein the thickness is 25-40 centimeters.That part of the chimney, which will go up to the attic, called a riser, the element goes smoothly up to the roof.

Mounting the chimney in the bath with his hands presupposes otters, which serves as the next hop.This element is an extension of the four sides, it must not be less than 10 centimeters.Because of this element precipitation do not penetrate into the grooves between the chimney and the roof.After otter neck to be laid, its size is the same as that of the flue.Complete its equipment needed expansion, which forms headroom chimney.It is mounted on a cap made of metal, this element can be replaced by a baffle that will eliminate the chimney from the penetration snow and rain, as well as debris and small birds.Actually, to pull this element is also needed.

Implementation of the masonry chimney flue

in the bath with his hands, a photo of which are presented in the article should be laid out in several stages, the first of which involves a training.Initially, you need to decide which scheme will have a design.In order to carry out laying the chimney, you need to build for him a rectangular foundation.It can be made of solid bricks or concrete to be reinforced steel bars.The main condition here is that the adjustment it must be equal to or greater than 30 cm.From the width of the foundation should be 15 cm more than the chimney itself.

Recommendations for masonry chimney

before a chimney in the bath with his hands, you must bear in mind that no matter what was the height of the bath, the chimney must be at least five meters in height, otherwise the thrust will be bad.You need to equip the construction with refractory or red solid bricks.The role of the binder solution should be used, made of lime and cement or sand and cement.In areas where the temperature is particularly high, use the mixture for masonry oven.

If you build the chimney in the bath with his hands, then before you certainly will face the task of cutting brick.For chipping element of the product can be used grinding Cutting machine, but before the product must be marked with a marker.Such an approach would make the exact plate flue otters in the area and cutting.The seams must be made thinner when the chimney laid out in the bath with his hands - this will ensure greater reliability and stability of the structure.The most suitable thickness of the seams - 15 millimeters.Everything for otters and dressing should be used steel bars, their installation should be in brickwork, with fittings must not cross the flue.The height and width of the structure will depend on what the thickness will be at seams, they have to be identical.The thickness of the walls of the chimney should be about 10 centimeters, ensuring fire safety.

Tips specialist

making chimney with his hands in the bath, leave openings for cleaning design.The walls of the chimney should be smooth, whereas the angles should exhibit such a way that they are straight.The interior design of the foundation should be finished with plaster, which provide smoothness.This need is due to the fact that the irregular surface would prevent the penetration of gases, in addition, will settle soot.This will worsen the draft and the inner surface can ultimately catch fire, which increases the danger.Application of the plaster should be done correctly.Experts believe that the chimney is necessary to whiten and above, it will analyze the infiltration of soot through the available slots.

Installing insulation and fastening chimney

If the chimney in the bath with his hands settling near the wall, then fix it for a higher reliability is using steel anchors in increments of 30 cm. Where the design will involvethe ceiling and the roof, you need to install asbestos-cement tissue, which is sometimes replaced with fiberglass.Despite the fact that the brick is heated slowly, the risk of fire must be reduced to a minimum.As another requirement appears that the chimney must rise above the ridge by 0.5 meters, which is very important.The outer part of the structure that is located above the roof must be insulated as well as decorate the facing bricks.Use for work and can finish the roof.

Species brick chimney

At arrangement of the chimney should be used fireclay or ceramic solid brick red.The difference between them consists only in the temperature which each of these materials is capable of undergoing.Thus, red brick will be able to withstand 800 degrees, whereas fireclay withstand 1000 degrees.All other options for the type of porous, hollow or lightweight bricks should not be used.When choosing a solution must take into account that the lower level of the roof should be used based on a mixture of lime and cement.While the area located above the roof, to be laid using a solution of sand and cement.

In conclusion

Now you know that by making the chimney in the bath with his hands, it is necessary to follow all the above rules, it will provide the design with the qualities of strength and fire safety.Another important factor and efficiency.And if you do not comply with the rules, the removal of the flue gases will not occur properly, which can lead to very unpleasant consequences.So do not skimp on materials.