What are the main duties of a soldier.

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Military service is considered to be a special type of federal public service.It is subject to the execution of citizens and implies strict compliance with certain standards.But what are the main duties of a soldier?Before defining this circle, you must familiarize yourself with those who belong to this group.

What citizens are considered soldiers

legislation treats that the status of soldier can get a Russian citizen or a citizen of another state.

These include:

  • warrant officers, warrant officers, officers of the army cadets studying at the military institutions of higher education, officers, sergeants, sailors, soldiers who are on contract service or joined the army at the call.
  • officers who are called to the service of the decree of the President of the country.

Every citizen gets a corresponding military rank, with a division on the ship and the army.

Anyone serving in the army, has civil rights and liberties.However, federal and constitutional laws impose some limitations.For example, the rights, duties and responsibilities of the military depend on whether they are in the service or not.

When there is a discharge of duties?

According to legislative norms of the soldier performs his duties in these cases:

  • Preparing for the armed defense of the country.
  • Implementation of the armed defense of the country.
  • exact implementation of the tasks, regardless of ambient conditions.
  • military is involved in the fighting, including in conditions of martial law or a state of emergency in the development of armed conflicts.
  • execution of tasks and instructions under martial law in accordance with the principles of international law - for foreign citizens.
  • Keeping alerting, service dresses and garrisons.
  • Carrying the daily detail.
  • participation in campaigns ships or exercises.
  • execution of orders, or orders given by a superior.
  • Finding a business trip or on the territory of the military unit in accordance with the regulations or at any other time, due to business need.
  • protection of life, health, honor and dignity of the individual.
  • participation in the elimination or the prevention of emergency situations of technogenic and natural origin.
  • law enforcement and public safety.

serviceman, following the orders of the commander should immediately implement their obligations at any time.

It is important to know

citizen, respecting the rights, duties and responsibilities of military personnel in their service activities should be guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to follow the standards established by the Federal Law, the statute and other legal acts.

Basic Principles

What are the main duties of a soldier?The general principles are disclosed as follows:

  • protection of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation and state sovereignty.
  • state security.
  • military duty.
  • protection from aggressive armed attack.
  • implementation of tasks imposed by the international obligations of the Russian Federation.

Military duty

What are the main duties of a soldier, being based on military duty?The question is revealed in this way:

  • being faithful to their obligations and the military oath.
  • selfless service to the people.
  • skillful and courageous defense of the country.
  • Strict adherence to constitutional principles, ensuring the implementation of the rule of law, the requirements of regulations.
  • unquestioning execution of orders guidance.
  • Improving military skill.
  • the Armed mode of constant readiness.
  • main duties consist in saving soldier military property.
  • Storage state secrets.
  • Observance of vigilance and discipline, the norms of international law.
  • Officers and soldiers are obliged to cherish their honor, military and military glory, to show patriotism, direct efforts to strengthen peace and friendship between peoples.
  • servicemen in the performance of military duties should prevent religious and ethnic conflicts.
  • Respect for the dignity and honor of other military personnel, assistance in case of danger, holding colleagues from unworthy acts, prevention of bullying and rudeness among staff.
  • Compliance with all safety standards that apply in the military.
  • care about the safety of their own health, including regular physical training, tempering.
  • appeal for official and personal matters to a direct or senior supervisor.
  • General duties of servicemen are to respect and knowledge of humanitarian law in force at the international level.
  • knowledge of the rules governing the treatment of victims, wounded or sick persons, prisoners of war, the civilian population, which is present in a combat zone.
  • give vigorous resistance to the enemy, even in single combat.
  • What are the main duties of a soldier, who was captured?In the case of seizure due to severe injury or concussion, he must use every opportunity for their own liberation.

If the person is caught, it is entitled to inform his opponent only the title, name, surname, patronymic, serial number and date of birth.What are the duties of a soldier, every soldier should know.


sailors and soldiers in wartime or peacetime should be timely and as accurately as possible to fulfill their obligations to carry out all the tasks and scrupulously respect the rules of safety of military service, to monitor the state of their own weapons, entrustedequipment and property.The sailors and soldiers obey the squad leader.

General duties of military soldiers and sailors:

  • awareness of one's duty soldier RF.
  • exemplary, unquestioning performance of official duties, compliance with internal regulations.
  • Link to learning.
  • Scrupulous knowledge of the names of his immediate superiors, military ranks and positions.
  • Providing proper respect commanders, elders, respect for the dignity and honor of fellow service.
  • Compliance concerning military courtesy and piety.
  • Careful wearing the form and execution of military greeting.
  • care about the safety of their own health, improving physical fitness, tempering.
  • General duties of servicemen are to respect the rules of public and personal hygiene.
  • perfect knowledge of the rules for handling weapons.
  • Contents of equipment and weapons in constant readiness for battle.
  • compliance with safety requirements that apply to military service, including exercises, firing, employment, with the attire.
  • Knowledge of normative legal acts in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, humanitarian law within the limits that are set for the soldiers and sailors.In fact, this legal minimum.
  • soldier Main duties involve knowledge of the Code of Conduct soldier, signaling signs and differences.
  • Careful wearing uniforms, the timely production of uniform maintenance, daily cleaning and storage devices in a specially designated place.
  • If a sailor or soldier was necessary to absent himself, he must ask permission from the commander of the unit.After returning, the senior commander is notified of the arrival.
  • when outside the territory of the military unit soldier is obliged to behave with dignity and honor, without committing offenses.

If a sailor or soldier for exemplary service performs its duties in compliance with military discipline and deserved successes in combat training, he could get the rank of corporal or older sailor.

Lance or older sailor obliged to help the commander in the education and training of soldiers.

Military oath and obligation

Civilian takes its obligations when there is the swearing.This is done in a few cases: upon arrival to the first place of service, or the first military training.Basic rights and obligations of the troops immediately fall under the protection of the law.

charge termination

The soldier stops the execution of their duties in the event of deprivation of the title that is carried out only by a court.The citizen must make a particularly serious or grave crime.After the cancellation of conviction, the title can be restored.

In addition, the law appears such a thing as the maximum age of service.If this is the marshal, general, admiral, Colonel-General - the official should not be older than 65 years;Lieutenant General, Deputy / Rear Admiral, Major General - 60 years;Captain First Rank or Colonel - 55 years;for other titles - 50 years.If the service runs a female person, it puts their duties in 45 years.

rights and responsibilities - the general principles

person in the service, may carry, store and use the weapons entrusted to him.The rules that apply with respect to weapons, are regulated by law.All military personnel are under social protection guaranteed by the state and have all the rights and freedoms as other citizens.

If a person is found guilty of dereliction of their duties, it bears civil liability under the law.

Instead completion

many young people prior to the service, concerned with the question of what are the basic duties of a soldier.Social studies provides a clear interpretation of all rules and regulations.The current officers noted that a solid knowledge of their rights and responsibilities - the basis of successful military service.Unquestioning fulfillment of all the requirements enables the growth of combat skills and strengthen discipline.