What should be a good cage for parrots?

If you decide to buy a feathered pet, it is time to think about his home.Cage for parrots - this is the place where your bird will spend most of his time, and therefore to its selection and arrangement should proceed in full detail.Consider the most important points that need to pay attention to when choosing a home for this beautiful and funny birds.


large cage for the parrot, as well as too little - are two extremes to be avoided.If the space of the house is too large, the bird will feel uncomfortable, poorly tamed a long time to be timid and wild.And if the parrot cage is too small, feathered pet threatening obesity, problems with feathers and muscular dystrophy.A sedentary lifestyle can cause decreased immunity, tenderness or depression.Therefore, you should follow these tips: size of cells should such that, on the one hand, allow the bird to fully disclose the wings without touching the walls of the 30% free space, and the other - to allow the bird to use the wings when moving on a perch.Recommended dimensions for the wavy parrot: 70h35h40 see.


House for poultry must first comply with its way of life, and so it is best if it is made in the form of a rectangle with a flat roof.At the same cage for parrots should be stretched in length.The rounded shape makes it difficult to house the birds the opportunity to navigate in space, in addition, in a stressful situation, a bird must be able to hide in a corner.Besides rectangular cage for parrots allows you to arrange a rooftop playground.


The worst variant of placing bird houses in the apartment - it is in the kitchen.At this point, for the restless and curious parrot, there are many dangers: from hot kettles, pots and pans and the open ending toxic secretions Teflon cookware.Therefore, it is best to place the cage in a room with plenty of natural light, in the part where there is no draft.To ensure that the bird does not happen heat stroke, her home can not be placed too close to a radiator.Do not place near the cage lighted kerosene lamp, and if the house furnace heating - do not place it under the ceiling, as even a small concentration of carbon monoxide can lead to the death of a pet.Best of all, if the bird house will be at the level of your eyes so that one of its sides facing the wall.This will speed up the process of domestication of parrot, and he will have a sense of security.


A good cells should be the bottom drawer.This greatly facilitates its removal of feathers and droppings.Also in the house should be feeders and waterers.When the pet is accustomed to eat in their homes will not be difficult to return it with a walk.In addition to the parrot did not miss, in his house, it is desirable to place a wooden ladder, mirror and bell.Between the sticks, place a piece of chalk - Birds need calcium, besides it allows the parrot to undermine its beak.Doukomplektuyte housing one or two perches.This is best suited branches of fruit trees.


Online or pet stores are now selling a variety of cages for budgies.Price avian house varies from about 300 to 29,000 rubles and depends on the manufacturer, the size, equipment, materials, construction and design and other factors.The cheapest are the Syrian and Chinese cells.Polish products of higher quality and is considered to be the best bird house in Italy.