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Some of the technologies that were once designed for strictly specialized tasks, with time became a household name.An example is the photocopier.However, on copiers are now few people remember, while the flash is in the language of almost all users who regularly work on the Internet.By the way, it's all about?

Sense Flash player

If you've ever wandered across the expanses of the Web, you probably have repeatedly searched movies.So, for their reproduction meets the program Flash Player, which necessarily must be installed on each computer.

This technology has been developed at the time of the infamous by Adobe to create, play and edit Flash-based games.It quickly drew the attention of the creators of sites: for example, Page Disney almost entirely made on this engine.

What is the advantage of flash?In many ways, there are parallels with the files of PDF.Their appearance was due to the need to standardize office document formats result in the entire document to the "common denominator."

Simply put, specialists needed a file format that would have opened the same way on any computer or laptop, regardless of which operating system is used on it.With flash - the same story.

the Internet over time, there are so many media that it was necessary to somehow standardize.

Why do I need to install the player?Since

install flash player on and why it's not there originally?Let's start with the second question.The fact that it is - sided development, but because the creators of the OS simply does not have the right to incorporate it.In addition, many developers have criticized the insufficient degree of flash, is gradually trying to find alternative solutions.

installation methods

Before you install the Flash Player, you need to visit the official site of Adobe.On its front page, you will find a link to the installer file.Keep in mind that there will be downloaded the installer only (!), Not all the necessary package.Simply put, the program will be installed only when the Internet connection, since most of the data will be obtained from Adobe.

Once you've downloaded the file, you need to click on it with the right mouse button, then select the context menu "Run as administrator".Will installation dialog box, menu, which even a novice can understand.

Attention!At the end of the installation will need to check the box on the item "Allow Adobe install updates."In this case, all the patches and new versions of the software will be automatically downloaded as they become available.

If you belong to the category of experienced users, it is better select the "Notify me before installing the update."Then the program will ask for permission to install whenever a new update will be released.


How to install the Flash player, if you so bad internet that online installation is impossible due to constant dropped calls?At the same official website of the need to find the item "Download Flash Player to another computer", and then run the boot has a full package.In this case, you can use the download manager, which transcend disconnection.

Actually, the further installation is no different from the process described above.


Why do we keep talking about the official website?It's all about the security of your computer.We have already mentioned that computer security experts have long criticized the Flash Player for the fact that the program is constantly found new and new vulnerabilities.

Over 70% of infected computers when malware penetrated through the browser, it was possible because the users have not updated or Flash Player, or download it from the "left" sites.

If you uploaded installation kit on some questionable website, festooned with banners and pop-ups, you will almost certainly end up being a lot of problems during installation.Do not do that!Remember - you can only use Flash Player, received the official website of Adobe!

Update Issues

Since install flash player is very simple, many people completely forget about it.Remember what we said about the item "Allow Adobe to install updates", recommended for advanced users to expose to "Notify me of updates?"

Unfortunately, not in all cases the player and in fact will be updated automatically.It may interfere with anti-virus, firewall, and hundreds of other unknown reasons.As a result, many of the "sit" on very old versions of Flash Player.This creates the risk that your computer will fall prey to the infection at the first fraudulent sites.

How to install a new Flash Player if an older version is already in the system?Oh, nothing complicated about it.Moreover, this is even easier to handle than the above-described situation.

Before you install the correct flash player, click on the "Start" button, go to "Control Panel."A dialog box appears in which you need to click on the item Flash Player.In the dialog box, go to the tab "Advanced".There is a paragraph "Change update settings" in which to still put the box next to "Allow Adobe to install updates", or just make sure that it is already there.

You can then click on the "Check Now", then you will spread all the same official portal of Adobe.The software will check online version of Flash installed on your computer by comparing it with the number available on the site, and then issue a warning about the need for updates or calm, assuring that your version is relevant.


conclude our review of recommendations on how to install the Flash player "Android."To do this, go to the store Google Play (do not forget about good Internet connection), type in the search bar Flash Player, accept the license agreement and click "Install."All!

In no case do not put any "Left» APK, downloaded from the website, not related to any Google Play, or to the company Adobe!

Here's how to install the Flash player plugin.It is not difficult.