A generous gift of nature - honey in the comb.

completely natural product of beekeeping is honey in the comb.What is useful and what properties he endowed?We learn later.The very Mother Nature endowed humanity this valuable delicacy, which gives longevity, good spirits and good health.

Comb honey - it is a pure product in caretaker status in wax cells.It is needed to feed striped toilers in the winter.It is the quality, useful and environmentally friendly meal with a unique composition which has no analogue in any class of honey.No wonder it is called a repository of valuable enzymes, essential trace elements and vitamins.

Valuable information

Honey comb, useful properties which have received wide publicity in the days of ancient Egypt, lasts longer and does not undergo crystallization.The most important thing - is its absolute sterility and the presence of unique compounds in the composition.That is why it is actively used in alternative medicine.

more value added honey wax, pollen and propolis.The combination of these components allows t

o fill the body with natural vitamins and natural antibiotics.It is well known that these substances are excellent absorbers and help clean the intestines from harmful toxins.

Comb honey acts as a medicinal balm on the hypothalamus.Eating a treat, we get the necessary vital energy (carbohydrates), building materials (amino acids), unsaturated fatty acids and a range of trace elements.No wonder at all times the value of the product exceeds the price for any variety of honey.

therapeutic properties and biochemical composition

Benefit depends on the geographical and botanical origin.Scientifically proven that the bactericidal action is much higher in buckwheat honeycomb.The products of bee-keeping collected in different parts of RF, characterized by the number of amino acids and vitamins.

composition caused not only by the climatic zone, but also breed themselves bees and plant species.The highest content of triterpene acids and vitamin C has a spring honey in the comb.How useful product - read on.One thing is clear that all sorts of present pollen grains rich proteins, enzymes and other substances.Sweet treat exhibits antiviral, immunogenic, antibacterial and radioprotective effect.

Honey comb: the use and indications

for centuries traditional healers study the properties of a honeycomb, and then apply this knowledge in practice.Years of experience healers leads to the conclusion that "the bee medicine" - a miracle cure that help people deal with physical ailments.Gain knowledge that wax cells reduce inflammation, so they chew in the respiratory pathologies.

This material contained in cells positive effect on the mucous membrane, protecting it from harmful bacteria.Honey comb (see photo in the article) has a tonic effect, normalizes metabolism and blood circulation.In practice, verified that, using a medical product for colds in combination with medication, people quickly on the mend and restore failing health.

Some healers say that in small doses it can give children a year to stimulate the immune system.Bee products is credited with soothing properties.Natural sweetness strengthens the nerves, prevents insomnia, relieves stress and prolonged depression.Also increases stamina.

Shows dessert with periodontitis, and caries.It can strengthen gums, prevent bleeding and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity.Chewing hundred cleans the tooth enamel, eliminates odors and protects against caries.Folk healers used in toxicity honey in the comb.The product is useful, yet the ancient people knew and used his healing power.

How to use?

Everyone knows that the catarrhal phenomena and inflammation of the respiratory system are a consequence of metabolic disorders and weakened immunity.For the prevention of influenza status is necessary, first of all, to strengthen the body's defenses.The best natural remedy is honey in the comb, useful properties which are characterized by anti-inflammatory action.

When ARI or banal rhinitis is recommended daily for 4-5 times a day thoroughly chew cell until the wax does not break down into small particles, then spit it out.If you accidentally swallow a small amount, nothing terrible will happen.Under the influence of gastric juice will dissolve a wax.Eat honeycomb advisable during colds epidemic, especially in autumn and winter, with a view to prevention.

Another application

Our ancestors treated them conjunctivitis.When pipetting gently instilled small amount of solution (25-30%) in the eye.Bee products and has found application as a wound-healing agent.They greased the damaged skin and make compresses.Such procedures allowed in a short time to heal open wounds, burns, and to restore circulation.Folk healers advise to use for people suffering from chronic constipation and flatulence, honey comb.How useful product, we found out, and now we learn how he calories.

Energy value

sweet treats, we derive from the striped insect has a high calorie content - per 100 g of 327 kcal.But we should not be afraid of this, because all those calories gives glucose, which brings the benefit of a solid man, of course, if you eat a reasonable dose of dessert - no more than two tablespoons a day.Such a small amount will not harm the figure, and only strengthen the health.Remember that the properties of honey in the comb is said that he has a greater therapeutic effect than evacuated.