2 ritual for Valentine's Day

atmosphere on February 14 so filled with love that rituals performed on this day, have extraordinary power.

ritual to attract love

Therefore, if you are lonely and sad that so that's the year valentines you just do not see, do not be sad or discouraged.It is better to perform the ritual to attract love into your life.Like all the rituals that I publish it worked out and proved its effectiveness.Provided the correct conduct the next Valentine's Day, you'll be sure to celebrate together with your partner.I must say that the ritual work if you are really lonely and really want to love, but if you have someone there is a relationship, albeit formal, ritual useless spending.

So, you will need:

Two tall candles - red and white

Two fresh roses - red and white

red gel pen

Sheet of white paper format A8

flap white natural linen white

Red Ribbon


All items must be brand new, bought specially for this ceremony.At Rose stems should be cut, leaving only the flower.

Day February 14 tidy room where you spend the ritual, and fumigate his incense sticks.And in the evening, when the holiday comes to its climax, proceed to conduct the ceremony.In the room you need in perfect solitude.If you have pets, keep them so that they can not scratch you in the door.

on clean empty table put the items needed for the ritual.Right white candle on the left - red.Next to the candles put roses: white to white candle, red to red.Between them lay the fabric and ribbon.Toward the end of the table - a pen and paper.

Sit down at the table, preferably facing east.Concentrate on your wish.You must clearly understand that now, at this very moment, you call in your life with love.

Light the candles, first white, then red.Take a pen and paper.Draw on paper a pentagram.Do not worry if you get crooked, it does not matter, as long as you are not distracted from their goals.

Now you'll have to write the 5 most important qualities you should possess your future choice.Or, darling, becausethis rite can hold and single men.Advantages future partner should think in advance and arranged in descending order of their importance to you.


1. Smart

2. Good

3. Successful

4. Beautiful Blonde


So, start writing.Above the upper beam pentagram write the most important thing for you dignity.In our example - smart.Then we move down to the right clockwise beam pentargammy, and opposite him writing the second in our list of quality - good.Still moving clockwise, opposite the bottom right beam writing quality at number three, the lower-left beam - quality at number four, and in front of the left beam of the pentagram - the dignity to which you have assigned the number five.

Note: this procedure is not writing builds a hierarchy of merit, but only concentrate your thoughts.

now at the center of a pentagram need to draw two hearts.At this point you need to be clear that this is - the heart of your loved one and your future.Hearts must be "imposed" on each other, as in the wedding card.One of hearts in red paint over the second reserve white.Put a picture between the candles.

Now you need to spread out in front of the canvas, and next put a ribbon.Take a white rose, and, turning clockwise, singe its petals in the candlelight - first white, then red.Then you have to break onto the canvas.

exactly the same actions and conduct with a red rose.Then stir the petals on the canvas, lift the edges so as to have something like a bag and tying a red ribbon.Put the bag between the candles.

Then take the paper with a picture, singeing the edges in the candlelight - first white, then red.Randomly add up the leaf, hiding scorched edges.

all.The ritual is over.

candles extinguished.To fix the ritual they need every night to light and put on the window - let flame lit call there for at least half an hour.First is to burn a white candle, and then red.

pouch with petals have to hide in a secret place.At the moment when the candle burns on the window, the bag should be removed and, without opening, shake up it petals.

But the folded piece of paper should be worn always with you.

what about those who want to improve the already existing relationship, they add romance?

The same evening, and then only on Valentine's Day.

be required:

Two tall thin candles, blue and pink.

two gel pens, blue and pink.

Paper A8.

candlestick for candles or a plate.


All items must be brand new, purchased specifically for the ritual.Candles better to put in a warm place so that they become soft.It can be wrapped in a thick towel and put on an hour and a half on the battery.

Day February 14 tidy room, where you will carry out a ritual, and fumigate his incense sticks.In the evening proceed to conduct the ceremony.In the room you need to be alone.Pets leave so that they can not scratch you in the door.If this evening you should come favorite, the better - less explain why.

on clean empty table put the items needed for the ritual.Focus on the goal of the ritual, it must be defined and formulated in advance.

Take the candles and begin to roll them into one, from bottom to top, right to left.It is necessary to make very clear - it is important that wicks burned exactly, depends on the result.

With fire from matches to strengthen platter twisted candle and light it, just the two wick.

Take a pen, and the right side of a sheet of paper, draw a heart of blue paint over it completely.On the left side of the sheet, draw and shade pink heart.Fold the paper so that the heart superimposed on each other, then - at random.This parcel will need to carry with them in the heart.

leave candles burn out.Very well, if at that time the partner will come to you, and you alone have time to spend 10-15 minutes in the burning twin spark - the result of a ritual will be more pronounced.If one of the wicks (or both) went out, it means that one of you (this will tell the color of a candle) is the opponent.The ritual will have to stop immediately.

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