How to cure stomatitis mouth?

That purity - the key to good health, all inspired from childhood.But not all people believe mandatory visit to the dentist every six months.A lack of oral hygiene can lead to disappointing results.One of them is stomatitis.This inflammatory process affects the mucous in the mouth.The disease brings a lot of discomfort for both adults and children.And under no circumstances it can not be run.Sometimes the disease can pass on their own, but more often it leads to serious violations.

That is why when the first symptoms of an urgent need to start a fight with the disease.How to cure stomatitis mouth?To answer this question, we need to understand exactly which kind of disease you are facing.After all, each of them must be their own treatment.

Types and symptoms of stomatitis

In medicine, there are several manifestations of the disease.Each type has its own symptoms and require specific treatment.

  1. Catarrhal stomatitis.The most common form of the disease.This stomatitis on gum has all the basic features: a pain in the mouth, redness, high salivation, bad breath.However, ulcers when it is not formed.
  2. fungal stomatitis.A manifestation of this form of the disease is a white cheesy plaque.It is caused by fungi of the genus Candida.
  3. Vesicular stomatitis Enterovirus.Viral diseases.It is accompanied by the appearance of bubble rash - vesicles - in the mucosa.Often the disease is at a high temperature.Sometimes the characteristic rash affects the feet and hands.
  4. herpetic stomatitis.Treatment of this form you should not run.After the cause of the disease is a virus.It is the most common herpes.It is characterized by all the symptoms of the disease.There is the appearance of mouth ulcers, fever.
  5. Allergic stomatitis.This form causes of the set.These may be food, and medicine, and dentures.It is characterized by redness, white spots.Observed melkotochechnye hemorrhage or blisters.
  6. Traumatic stomatitis.It is caused by mechanical or chemical damage to the mucosa.Provoke its occurrence hot food, an unsuccessful installation of the crown, and sometimes biting and nuts and seeds.In the mouth there are inflammation and swelling.Generally, the temperature rises.There are papillomas.During the meal there are painful sensations.
  7. Stomatitis Vincent.This is a very unpleasant and severe form of the disease.Another of his name - ulcerative stomatitis.The disease is a symbiosis of spirochetes Vincent and the spindle rod.They are always present in the human body, but in limited quantities.Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene to provoke their multiplication.Initially, there is a weakness, headaches are possible.Further flow causes joint pain, fever, bleeding gums.If you do not start treatment, ulcerative stomatitis causes extreme pain in the mouth.This language becomes quite "naughty."


To clarify the question of how to cure stomatitis, mouth, you need to understand the source of the problem.Despite the fact that the diagnosis is quite common, the causes have not been identified.It is widely believed that the disease is closely linked to lowered immunity.

stomatitis may provoke:

  • ignoring the rules of personal hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • toothpastes with lauryl sulfate, sodium;
  • injury mechanical or chemical origin;
  • emotional stress;
  • allergic reactions;
  • enough balanced nutrition (lack of zinc, selenium, iron, B vitamins);
  • gastrointestinal disease;
  • heredity;
  • bacteria.

Treatment stomatitis

emergence of pain in the mouth or sores on the mucous - reason enough to seek medical attention.Especially frustrating when there is stomatitis the child (1 year).Namely, in this age often manifest disease in children.It is also called thrush.And if kids are immediately to the doctor, the adults with this disease is absolutely not in a hurry to help.And often simply ignore the problem, although the dentist quite quickly determine the form of the disease and take the necessary measures to combat the disease.Even if you decide to get rid of it at home, specialist advice can not hurt.

Treatment stomatitis lip

Many know firsthand about such disease.However, for those who ran for the first time, it is necessary to clarify.It is an infection of the lips in the form of beige, whitish spots resembling drops of milk.Such manifestations are painful enough to cause a lot of discomfort.The appearance of the disease show a decrease in immunity.

Stomatitis lip perfectly treated at home.Most folk methods, not only can get rid of the disease, but also protect the mucosa from further development of microbes.

The main methods of home treatment include:

  • Cauterisation alcohol.Simple enough, but very effective method.You can use the ethanol (76%) of alcohol or tincture of calendula, propolis.
  • Oak bark.It is necessary to worry about the mouth.Make a tincture from the bark of an oak.Such a solution should rinse your mouth at least three times a day.
  • Aloe.The juice of the plant is thoroughly mixed with honey.This mixture must be lubricated lip stomatitis (or gum).You can just put a piece of whitish spots leaf aloe.

Remember that timely treatment allows you to overcome the disease within a week.

Children stomatitis

Very often the disease occurs in infants in the first year of life.As a rule, it is a symptom or complication of dysbiosis exudative-catarrhal diathesis.After the baby's immune system is not yet fully matured and confront their own micro-organisms can not.Often stomatitis the child (1 year) appears after prolonged treatment with antibiotics.It should be noted that this case affects the mucous membranes of the body can be any newborn.

Typical disease causes pain in the mouth.The baby refuses to eat a meal and drink.In some cases, stomatitis accompanied by intoxication.The child becomes sluggish, significantly increased body temperature may even increase the lymph nodes.

As a rule, children in this age stomatitis treated only in a hospital.Constant medical supervision allows to monitor the status and the baby time to take action if necessary.

Kids who are breastfed during the disease are transferred to food from a spoon.This is to protect the mother against possible mastitis and make baby food intake less painful.Mucous child before eating and after decontamination solution certainly is processed (strictly on prescription).For the treatment prescribed painkillers, antipyretics, vitamins and antibiotics.But by all means exclusively the doctor prescribes.Any self-sufficient can affect the health of the newborn.

Treatment of ulcerative stomatitis

acute stage is characterized by a virus infection.If the disease becomes chronic, it lasts long enough.This acute stage is replaced by periods of remission.The worsening in this case most often caused by mechanical damage.

Treatment includes:

  • handle all oral and directly ulcers.Rinsing can be herbal decoctions or antiseptics.
  • If necessary, the doctor prescribes antipyretics, antihistamines drugs.
  • to ulcer healing drug use "Citral", propolis, vitamins C and R.
  • If the source of the disease is a viral infection that is assigned to a special therapy.
  • Particular attention should be paid to nutrition.In order not to irritate, be excluded from the diet of hot, sour, hard and sharp.

Ulcers can go on their own within a few weeks.However, not cured acute form pulls a chronic stage.But get rid of it is almost impossible.Remember, the doctor will tell you how to cure stomatitis mouth without serious consequences.

Traumatic stomatitis

First you need to completely get rid of the cause that caused the disease.Most often it is a damaged tooth caries.So the best thing you can do is to go to the dentist.The only way to avoid re-injury.

Allergic stomatitis

Treating mild form does not require much effort.Most commonly prescribed allergy medications.For more complex - intravenous corticosteroids.It is important to identify the allergen and to try as much as possible to get rid of, whether it's food or denture material.

should not forget about the diet during treatment.

Stomatitis Vincent

First provide a thorough sanitation of the oral cavity - removed the stones on the teeth, necrotic tissue.The course of treatment is required to include antibiotics, antiseptics gargle.

For best results often prescribe antihistamines, "Trichopolum" vitamins.Used enzymatic means to remove the deposit, after which the wound smeared ointments, for example, "solkoserilom".

It's quite a severe form of stomatitis, which, if not properly treated can lead to loss of teeth.Timely treatment for medical help guarantee a favorable prognosis.

Treatment of thrush

It is an easy form of disease.Effortlessly cured at home.This is quite unsightly stomatitis adults (Photo cause discomfort).Treatment consists of a course of antifungal drugs and elixirs.As a rule, after two weeks the disease completely recedes.

often occurs stomatitis clearly show a very weak immune system.In this case, antifungal medications should be drunk in order to prevent permanent.

Treatment folk remedies

disease is accompanied by very unpleasant manifestations of - erosion.Many effective tips to get rid of the disease, giving traditional medicine.In most recipes include herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties.This chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus, juniper, yarrow.Helps to cure stomatitis at home and oily solutions (rosehip, sea buckthorn).

At the first sign of stomatitis follows:

  • Dissolve two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water.This solution need to rinse the mouth.Such means relieves pain.
  • Excellent helps aloe juice.It is necessary to lubricate the damaged gums.
  • Stomatitis, located on the tonsils or throat effectively treated with propolis.After rinsing is necessary to bury tincture grass (50%).
  • Excellent tool - pounded garlic (3 cloves), mixed with yogurt (2 ch. L.).This mixture should be imposed on the erosion.Burning, of course, can not be avoided.But the method is very effective.Several procedures per day will help quickly enough to deal with the disease.

Prevention stomatitis

The first step is to carefully monitor the condition of the teeth.Any problem with them can become not only a source of disease, but also spread the infection throughout the oral cavity.Brushing teeth with mouthwash - a prerequisite.

very closely to their health, to exclude from the diet of those foods that can trigger stomatitis.Care should be immune, try to avoid sources of infection.

Prevention stomatitis in children should start with a maximum exclusion of items baby products and items bearing the infection.

Do not forget about the diet and tempering.A healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits significantly improve the body's ability to resist any infection, including stomatitis.


Most people, faced with the disease, along with medication (prescribed by a doctor) recommend to folk remedies.Excellent result seen in the rinse with hydrogen peroxide.Sea-buckthorn oil or wild rose the fastest allows cure stomatitis.Testimonials prove a remarkable effect of infusions of chamomile and calendula.

Instead of conclusion

Sometimes you do not want to brush your teeth at night.Trip to the dentist is a sense of panic.But look closely at the picture of patients with this disease, having carefully studied how to cure stomatitis, mouth, you can fully appreciate the consequences of such neglect.And now honestly answer one question: are you willing to take that risk their own health?