Winter fishing or catching on feature

One of the most common types of fishing is catching on feature or noodle.

First of all I would like to tell you that in a lure this - hell.To produce need a small piece of wood species such as birch, oak or ash.You can use and mahogany.Serving will be longer.Hell consists usually of three components, but you can make them, and five, and seven - who as far as fancy enough.

first Scrollsaw blank rectangular shape slightly larger than necessary.During processing, it will decrease.Next, the workpiece is sawn into three components and process sandpaper.Drilled holes for ogruzki again grind sandpaper.Now we are preparing a lead weight.Usually perch on the feature - the procedure is specific, so it is necessary to choose ogruzku more accurately.

After casting lead sinkers, insert them into the pre-drilled hole of the workpiece.Then gently grind weights to lead dust from getting on the wooden parts.

Next you need to connect all the links in a single unit.To do this, you can apply a soft wire, if you are not going to catch the monsters, but if you're a serious fisherman and know how to catch hell, it is necessary to connect the units thoroughly.Well, at first, a sharp-nosed link fasten tee.

Testing our hell on the water.If he does not want to go to the depth, then the load is too small or improperly sharpened the first link.The reason may lie more in the fact that the body is too thin hell.

not linear motion says that the load is distributed is not correct.

If the cast was a split level - this means that there was an incorrect choice of wood or sloppy handling.

catching on to the hell brings you pleasure, it is necessary to observe the rules of its production.The more closely you follow the instructions, the better you'll get hell.For longer use on the first link is pasted plaque, carved out of a tin can.It will not be quickly grow blunt end of the first link.

As experienced fishermen say, no jig can not be compared in catchability with chёrtom.And it is shown or at the beginning or at the end of winter.However, not all fishermen catching turns on the devils.After the first failure throw some gear and take the old one.

These fishermen know that fishing in the feature - is not easy.For some anglers tee tubing wear only red or white.But this should be done only when you realize that you can attract the fish inedible bait.Before that better use of burdock moth larvae or bloodworms.More would be better, if you have bound the two or three beads bright green or yellow on the line before the devils.When driving the heck these beads will be an additional lure for the fish.

Not everyone knows that perch on the dash should be light rod with clear operating coil.The most basic thing - it is right to play bait.In the interest of fish it appears when hell pretty quickly moves from the bottom to the surface, performing abrupt movement, or vice versa, when the bait flutters slowly in water.In short, every fisherman should have its own reception.

poklёvki often occur when a jack away from the bottom.Here inexperienced fisherman difficult to navigate, how to catch on the dash, near the bottom, or vice versa, at the top.Therefore experienced anglers fished all the layers of water.

Fish is not so stupid, it quickly begins to realize that a jack - not edible bait, and, try, quickly stepped aside.That is why it is necessary at the slightest hint of poklёvku hooking.As mentioned above, the fishing on the feature - the lot of experienced fishermen, and they are able to quickly and easily vyvazhivat hooking a fish, while not weakening the fishing line.