The modal window jQuery - what you need and how to install

To find the answer to your question, sometimes you have to spend a lot of time, especially if that concerns web design is not particularly versed in such matters people decided to create a website on their own.Jquery modal window can be one of these painful problems.

the Internet these windows you can find a huge set.It seems that just need to copy and paste them to your website ... However, not all so simple.As luck would have it, is any detail, because of which everything is inhibited, and it is impossible to solve the problem, because there is no need for this knowledge.Therefore, the right to be lifted up on jquery modal window with many interesting chips, complex in execution, better to start small, very simple modal window without any unnecessary problems.

If you have a blog somewhere on wordpress, it's all very simple, and no difficulty usually arises, as it already has a set of ready-made solutions - different pop-ins.But there are very different versions, which accounts for their own "sculpt" a modal window or turn to paid services of specialists.Pay as you know, no one wants, especially when it seems that just need to get to the core, and everything will turn out fairly quickly and for free.

jquery modal window is necessary to display the content that goes along with the information on the page and complements it.

jQuery - what is it?

To fully understand if someone does not know, jquery - a library of JavaScript, and the latter, in turn, means an area code, implemented in code of web-pages and allows to achieve different effects that can not be implemented within the HTMLCSS.A typical example of such a piece of code could be the current date or time displayed on the page.

Developers Library has an official website, perfection and replenished constantly, due to which there are new versions, offering new libraries.

to make it clear jquery, you need this or that effect, there is a language the CSS style sheets.

Language CSS

CSS means "cascading style sheets".The Internet is now impossible to find a site which would not have to use this language.

Consequently, jquery modal windows and CSS is practically necessary and irreplaceable.Therefore, if jquery not connected, it is necessary to do so.

To do this inside the head tag inserted following:

What are modal windows?

simple modal window jquery, shows when loading site, it may be useful to increase the number of subscribers.A window will appear when the page opens.It is not distracting and unlikely to scare anyone, because at the slightest discomfort easily be closed, and the close button will be cookies, and when you click on it disappeared modal window will not pop up again.


pop-up window on jquery, is displayed only once on the page, it is a variant of modal windows.

for its implementation needs to be done a number of steps.

can use a special plugin for modal windows.It is best to download them from the sites of developers, for example, arcticModal.Connect it as follows:

without registration window style is one of the standard themes plugin will look like this:

Then connect plug cookie:

write code HTML, which is fed information to the user:

specified incode class arctimonial-close means to him jQuery modal window closes.

Next is the final script:

Some of the parameters used have the following meanings:

closeOnOverClick: to determine whether the window is closed when you click on the overlay.

CloseOn Esc: means pressing the Esc.

Expires: specifies the time during which the cookie will be stored.In the proposed version of this time will be sixty days, that is, the window will not be shown for two months.A cookie is updated each time you visit.

learn how to install on your site a modal window jQuery, you can, if necessary, proceed to a more complex version.To do this, add a variety of styles CSS, and the window will be completely different from the modal window other sites.

Fantasy and imagination can help with solutions significantly increase the number of subscribers, and Internet stores skillfully inserted modal able to increase sales significantly.Therefore, the time spent on programming and installation of windows, justified and certainly pay off!

Types modal windows

Modal windows are pop-up when you click on the appropriate button or download with the page and appears immediately at startup.They can at closing no longer appear a certain period of time if it is installed cookie, as in the above example, and may appear every time the page is loaded.There are modal windows, fixed in one place and it has remained, in spite of the traffic on the page, and can be dynamic, when the inside of the window contains information referring to, and the user passes through it.Then a window will be updated only when the remaining immutable condition in the original page.